Saturday, August 11, 2012

Munnie and Papaw...


Lorinne Alexander Reeves, and Herman Andrew Reeves

(Yes the photo was for a Southern Baptist Church telephone directory, circa 1965)

You were right.

I swear...I've been thinking about the "old folks" more and more these days.  And, that's saying something, because I thought I used to think about them a lot!

Now, they just consume my thoughts as I am dealing with family issues from all sides.

I swear...I wrote an entire 400 page novel in my head this afternoon while I was trying to get the grass under control here at Andy's Place.

 (I suck, and have let it get to looking like I don't give a damn...but that's another story, and it looks good now, and will be just fine after I go run the blower).

I can't write the novel all out here, but I'll give you the gist of it...

1)  History repeats itself.

2)  Genetics are hard things to overcome.

3)  Won't be long until I'm the "old folks."

Okay...gotta go run the blower...


  1. My grandparents died in 1972 & 1973. Very few days go by that I don't think of them. Grandparents have a tremendous influence. I try to remember that daily.

  2. I was never close to any of my grandparents. I hope Sara never says that. I try to make sure that she has no reason to.

  3. Jimbo, my grandparents died in 1981, 1991, 1996, and 1997.

    The first one to go was the toughest. I think about them every day.

    My Great Grandmothers died in 1985, and 1994. REALLY! I had a Great Grandmother that lived alongside me for 35 years of my life! Rare privilege.

    Bill, Sara is a blessed child. As much as hear all the fall-du-rall about how "wonderful" grandchirrens are, and how all y'all that have them say just how wonderful, and grand the whole experience is... (now, remember...I don't have any grandchildren, and likely never will)

    I KNOW for certain that it is much more wonderful for the grandchild than it is for the grandparent.

    Sara is a blessed child...

  4. I just flat out love her mischievous smile!!! She knows what we're thinking!

    1. Indeed, Moogie! Not only that, she knew what you were "doing," too...

  5. I KNOW for certain that it is much more wonderful for the grandchild than it is for the grandparent.

    Yes and no. The great (heh) thang is when the "no" bits come around you just hand 'em off to their parents. That's a feature, as the coders say.

    My grandparents passed when I was a boy... you were fortunate to have yours as long as ya did.

    1. Buck, I'll believe ya' on the "yes and no" deal.

      As the great Brit preacher, Leonard Ravenhill said, "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.

  6. Oh yes, I know all too well about history repeating itself, particularly concerning family matters, and not in a good way. Just did a painful post about that one.

    But I do have wonderful memories of my side of the family. I was blessed with a couple of wonderful grandmothers, and a grandpa who, despite being my grandma's second husband, was the only grandpa I ever really got to know. Look forward to seeing them again in the next life (once I'm completely done with this one, of course).

    And while my body may age and eventually grow feeble, so long as my mind is convinced it's twenty years younger than it actually is I'll NEVER allow myself to be called "old folk".

  7. Dave, I haven't looked at the post yet...but I'm pretty sure I know where it's going.

    Not in a good way for me, either...but with hopeful outcomes, regardless.

    You are a better man than I am. I can NOT convince my mind that my body is 20 years younger than it is. It is winning that mind over matter battle.

    Well...Mama always told me, "Andy, you were born 30 years old!" Mama is rarely wrong...

  8. My 80 year old mother just spent the week with me. It scares the hell out of me - literally. Although the sins of the father can be visited to the sons to the fourth generation, that spiral down theory can be stopped. That is where my hope is.

    1. And being a grandparent is wonderful. I'm so much wiser with my grandgirls than I was with my own children.


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