Friday, September 21, 2012

A rerun...and an interesting story behind it...


Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I almost NEVER check my "comments awaiting moderation," but since I'm taking a REAL DAY OFF for a change, I decided to clean up all the comprutuhs, and looked at it.

Seems that there was a comment awaiting moderation from a relative of mine.  I've never met her.  But, she is related by marriage to my beloved Great Grandmother, "Granny Laura," who lived to be 104.  (I had her until I was 34 years old...such a blessing, and I miss her every day).

Anyway, she very kindly asked me for info about where Granny Laura, and her husband, Ross Gilmore Newland were buried, as she is working on a family history of the Farque fambly.  (I g-mailed her the info that she was looking for, and a few extra things about the fambly that she might find interesting).

MAN!  How cool is the internext????  Evidently she found this pile of failure through a The Gooble Search, due to the fact that I have often posted about my beloved Great Grandmother (this picture that I took of her when she was about 90 is my desktop background, btw...)

So, it got me to searching this here Titanic of a blog for stuff I might have wrote about Granny Laura, and her chirrens, grandchirrens, and great grandchirrens.

Man...I came across a bunch of stuff!

There was a great bunch of stuff, but ONE really struck me.  It was an ancient post I did about an e-mail I got from one of her sons, my now departed Great Uncle Earl.  Actually, the post is about my reply to him.

This is it.

It also reminded me that Granny Laura's birthday is coming up real soon, too.

Man, I miss her every day. That's all.


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?