Friday, September 21, 2012

Andy takes a REAL DAY OFF!


Okay...the last few weeks/months/years/my entire life/whatever, I've always used my "days off" to do junk that needed did.

I woke up this morning on my "day off" from my day job, and thought, "Dangit!  I'm going to take a real DAY OFF!  I'm going to do everything I want to do, and I'm not going to do ANYTHING I don't want to do"!!!

And, that is precisely what I have did.

Took "The Black Beauty" to the Snappy Scrubs car wash at 0845 HRS (roughly) her cleaned, and vacuurumed...

I swear, Sadie's last trip to the Vet left all kinds of dog hair in the back seat (dogs shed a lot when they're nervous, if you didn't know).  Plus, we had about 900 miles of stinkin' Arkansas road grime on her from our trip last week...

And...somebody must have shot about four ounces of snot out of their nose while sneezing (I'm looking at you, Tucker!).

Anyway, The Black Beauty is as clean as she has been in weeks/months/years/my entire life/whatever.  (When I brought her back from The Beauty Shop, The Mrs. went out there with a spray bottle of ammonia/Windex/ArmorAll/whatever that made her even more beautiful.  Just sayin'...)

My Daddy came by Andy's Place, and picked up some parts that he had ordered to be shipped here, and we talked about his business, and some other things for a while.  It was nice.

I love my Daddy.  Everybody does.

Outside of washing the car, and cleaning up the comprutuhs...I've done nothing except catch up on blog reading (I only left just a few comments, but that doesn't mean I didn't read y'all's blog 'em all read.  And, enjoyed every dang one, too!), answered a lot of REALLY OLD emails that I had been planning to, and enjoyed the fabulous (not too hot) sunshine on a wonderful, NW Louisiana day.

Plan to look at Northeast v. Baylor tonight (Oooops...I mean, The University of Louisiana at Monroe, which beat the snot out of stinkin' Arkansas, and almost beat Auburn).


  1. As I am writing this it is half time Northeast/Baylor. Although Baylor is a Texas school, I hope Northeast wins. I love underdogs.

  2. In re: days off. I've read that the WORST thang about retirement is you never get a day off, and I'm here to tell ya it's TRUE. It gets boring sometimes... just one beautiful damned day after another, yanno?

    But I sure did like a REAL day off when I was workin'.

  3. I'm one up on you - I got TWO real days off. In a row. All weekend.
    And after a day with my wife for her birthday, I'm doing as little today as I possibly can get away with.

  4. My days off are taken up by beating up on email scammers. Mebbe I'll take a real day off soon ;-)


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