Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's us just do us a rerun...


I spent a good part of the afternoon playing roundball out in the driveway with #4 son.

I am sure that I will suffer tomorrow because of it, but it's all cool...

We had a great time.  

I thought I would do better than I did, even though it has been a WAY long time since I shot hoops.

I suck.

Just sayin'...

Anyway, the afternoon event lead to a long discussion between me, and #4 son about the greatest basketball player that ever lived, Mr. Pete Maravich.

So, we spent a lot of time after dinner looking at The YouTube videos of "The Pistol."

Finally, I remembered that I had actually posted about His Greatness in the past.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jimbo.

      But, it's hard not to post something GREAT, when you're posting about Pete...and an afternoon shooting hoops with your baby boy.

      Man...I'm gonna be sore tomorrow...

  2. Ah, hoops. A sport I suck at. A sport I don't play. A sport I let the world know I sucked at on my blog (a few years back, entitled hOOPs).

    But if you enjoyed the day, the little bit of post hOOPs pain is woith it ;-)

  3. Hope you feel ok today Andy. I agree that Pistol Pete was a great player. In 68 or 69, I was stationed in southern Calif. and UCLA had great teams then. LSU came to LA to play and I hoped so much for a tiger victory because I hated UCLA. It was not to be though. John Wooten proved once again that he was a great coach. He simply let Pete have his points and shut everyone else down. UCLA won but I don't remember by how much.

  4. Skunks, no matter how much you suck at HOOPS, I beat you in the suckage hands down. Trust me. I'm better than you at golf, but you skunk me at H.O.R.S.E. any day.

    Kartman, I'm better than I thought I'd be. Really...and thanks for the good wishes. Bill, Wooden truly was a Wizard. And, I am not stupid enough to think that LSU could have ever beaten one of his teams. Regardless, The Pistol was ONE OF A KIND (in many ways...truly struggled with his spirituality throughout most of his life...but got it right finally IMHO.)

    I've got the video of his life story as a young man. His Daddy was a high school coach in Beaufort, SC. Press introduced Pete to the negro kids that couldn't play against the "set shot" white kids in those days.

    I think it's titled "The Pistol." It's worth a look...

  5. I may try to find it. I liked him too.

  6. I suck so bad at basketball I actually got beat by a pack of Cub Scouts once. Not making that up.

  7. really DO suck. Nyuk...

    How old were you? I mean, I'll need that bit of information before making a final judgment on your level of suckage.

    1. Let's just say I was between twenty-one and my current age - and that's all you need to know...


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