Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback...

I can scarcely remember a Sunday Morning that scuuureemed for an edition of SMQ more so than this 'un!

Alas, my 'puter's OS was corrupted, and I did not have proper time to do it before heading to my day job.

(Will have a headache restoring everything when I get home, too...but that's another story.)

I am posting this from my phone (on my break, BTW).

In the absence of our standard pic of His Majesty, Mr. Bryant...and really with not much time...

We shall adjust.

Heh! I didn't know ObozO was a
USuCks fan!!!


  1. Go ahead, admit it. You just didn't want to mention ND is 3-0 on the season.

    1. Heh! I just now saw this, Buck! Proud for the Irish. Really.


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