Friday, October 12, 2012

Big day tomorrow for Louisiana College Football Fans...


...Probably the biggest day we've had since the BSCS National Champeenship last season, too!

Maybe even BIGGER in a way.

The (WAC) Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (LA Tech is where I attended College for a cup o' coffee, and a snore) are now 5-0, and ranked #23.  Honestly, I can't remember the last time LA Tech was ranked in the top 25.  It's happened.

I just can't remember the last time.

The Bulldogs take on the pussyish Texas fAggies (newly invited to the SEC...God rest it's soul) at Independence Stadium in Shreveport on Sattidy night.  I would honestly love to be there, as it is an 8 minute drive from Andy's Place.  But, I gotta get up WAY early on Sunday Morning to work for The Man.

It sucks getting old.  There was a time that I'd have not had one worry about staying up all night, and then being at work the next morning at 0600 HRS.

Coulda' done it with both eyes clear, and competently, too.

It sucks getting old.


Anyway, this will be Tech's chance to make a firm statement to the fans of  The Only Sport That Really Matters.  They've won on the road against much larger programs (from more respected conferences) this season.  This game is listed as a "home" game, seeing as it is in Louisiana.  But, Shreveport ain't Ruston, and we've got just tons and tons of retards here in town from Collij Stashun.  With any luck, most of them will get thowed in jail for trying to steal slot machines from the boats...public urination...or just jump off the roof of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel trying to prove to they mama again that they can fly.

Go Bulldogs!

In a more serious notation...the revamped, #3 ranked (surprised the hell out of me) Cocks of SowCahlanah Cocks visit Tiger Stadium for a kickoff at roughly the same time.

Man...WE REALLY NEED A WIN HERE, TIGERS!  We are beat up...banged up...locked up...

You name it!  Goodness do not be on our side right now.  But, it is Sattidy Night in Death Valley...and anything can happen.  A win puts us back in charge of things.  A loss...


...It's over for any shot at an SEC Champeenship (which is all that really matters to us SEC homers).

I'll be looking at it on TV, and on the computer.  ESPN is carrying the Tech v. fAggies game on WatchESPN (which is on the computer).  

Well...I'll be looking at it until I fall asleep at roughly 2045 HRS (which I always do on Sattidy night).

It's a rule.

I hope y'all's teams do good, too!


  1. My Beavs are up to #10, but our QB had a torn meniscus in his knee repaired the other day and will miss a few weeks. The backup has never started and has only thrown about a dozen passes during garbage time at the end of blowout games.

    We're playing BYU at their place. They barely beat Utah State last week by only a score of 6-3. And they're on their second QB, also. So it'll prolly come down to who can punt the farthest... :(

  2. Inno, I am pulling for your Beavers to have a good season. Really.

    Even though my beloved friend, Dadman, is a BYU grad/homer, I am honestly very impressed with how far The Beave has come in a short time.

    Dude...I read your post about all the hellaciousness of the last few weeks for you and your fambly. Man! What were we thinking when we thought things would get calmer for us as we aged?

    Been meaning to chime in on it, but I'm stretched thinner than Origami Paper myself. Man! What were we thinking when we thought things would get calmer for us as we aged?

    Who can punt the farthest...Nyuk...

  3. There was a time that I'd have not had one worry about staying up all night, and then being at work the next morning at 0600 HRS.

    Heh. Key word: was. DAMHIK.

    Well, you KNOW where I'll be at 1330 hrs MDT. Sing along... you know the tune. Everyone in America knows the tune...

    1. Pulling for your Irish, Buck. Really.

      It's kinda' fun to be wrong for once (I mean, figuring that ND will NEVER be a national power again). It's probably just temporary wrongness, but it feels good to be occasionally reminded of my own humanity. ;)

      Humble Pie doesn't really taste all that bad. We all need a serving of it from time to time.

      Good luck! Kickoff is pretty soon. I'll be checking in on it.

    2. 3-0 Irish, end of the first. Big D!

    3. My heart... my HEART! ;-)

    4. Congrats, Buck! Good win against a good team. Gonna get interesting...

    5. And congrats backatcha. I was worried for ya... for a while.

    6. Well Buck, there is good reason to be worried for my beloved Tigers.

      When you double the #3 team in the nation in yards from scrimmage, and only beat them by 2 points...

      When you hold the great Lattimore to under 40 yards, and only win by 2.


      Well, 'Bama is not gonna be so kind as to lose to us if we don't capitalize (like we didn't at Flarda...and like we didn't last night against The Cocks).

      Still in all, we shall persevere as a fan, and see what happens. I'm still worried about that MS State game, too. Those guys are 6-0 (and will likely come in to the game at 8-1...'Bama will beat them). The SEC is a tough place to try to gits you a win...

  4. Humble pie seems to be featured on the Razorback menu this season. I'm holding my breath . . . .

  5. I'm late to this Andy, but I'm glad your Tigers came through against SC. And I just followed the last minute of the streaming box score for the La. Tech/TX A and M. At first I thought basketball season was beginning early. Man, what a game. Sorry your guys came up on the short end of that one but they came as close as you can come. And I guess you heard about the 'Dores and the Gators. The 'Dore score is prolly one of the first ones you check. :-) We've won one game in the SEC and we're above 3 others in the East who haven't won any.

    1. Dan, there were 1300 yards from scrimmage in that Tech v. fAggies game. A&M had to run up 678 yards just to beat Tech by 2. They won't do that against my Tigers. The great Latimore only got something like 35 yards rushing against us. We shall destroy the fAggies.

  6. I'm glad for LSU 'cuz you're starting to rub off on me. Plus, I like it when Corch Spurrier loses.


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