Saturday, November 3, 2012


Goin' to bed.  

I've had enough of the cheatin' refs letting 'Bama facemask, hold, and crackback block to spring their big plays.

This sucks!

Our cheatin' refs are supposed to cheat for us...not for them!

I see how this is going.  

Miserable cheaters...


  1. I stayed with it to the bitter end. If you went to bed you didn't catch Lou Holtz's comments on CFF... which were along the lines of "LSU was the better team tonight." Agreed.

  2. No Buck...had to be up early. Figured I'd catch the scoop today.

    We really did have our best game since we beat them
    Last season in their house. But...a game is 60inutes long for a reason.

    Our stats were impressive, too against a fine defense. It just was not to be.


  3. Sorry Andy. Your boys did good. This will probably be the only weekend this season when the 'Dores won and the LSU Tiggers lost.


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