Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just to get on the record here...


Notre Dame has NO business being ranked anywhere near the best. 

The game is over. They won against a 4-4 team that beat them. 

 It was actually pretty exciting to watch the 3 overtimes.

 But, not ONE of the three OTs would have been necessary had it not been for a "cheatin' ref" interference call (that didn't happen) against Pitt. Once again, it didn't happen, and EVERYBODY (EVEN NOTRE DAME FANS) know that it didn't. 

I hope our refs can cheat that good tonight...

The Dame has no business even imagining that they can compete with real football teams. 

 Pitt? 3 OTs? Cheatin' refs? My curiosity of ND, and all the wins they have stacked up has been shut down. They're not that good...certainly not good enough to beat really good teams. 

 Well...LSU v. 'Bama is up next.(Really good football teams that would murder either Pitt, or ND).

See y'all when I see y'all!

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  1. Heh. But we had God on our side.

    NEVER discount the impact of Divine Intervention.


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