Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Morning Quarterback (The I've only got two minutes before I get ready for work edition)


Does anybody remember this?  (Click it)

Y'all have a blessed Sunday!


  1. Heh. And look who was #20. BWAAAHAHAHA!

    Excuse the outburst, mainly coz I don't wanna be premature or anythang. Next Saturday is a rivalry game... one of long standing, it's in El-Eh, and anythang can happen, as they say.

    But for what may only be One Shining Moment we shall bask in the glory of our return to the top o' the heap.

    1. Buck, I can't say as I blame ya'! Even though (as you know), I think The Dame is overrated at this point, I'd be crowing myself!

      Fascinating how these monors that get a vote get it so wrong.

      So often.

      I hope it comes to 'Bama v. ND now. I had hoped for another all-SEC Champeenship...but it ain't in the cards. The best I can hope for now is an SEC blow-out against an overrated team with a pretty easy schedule (albeit a VERY improved team, moving in the right direction).

      (That...and I can NEVER, EVER, NEVER hope for USC to win a ball game against's a rule).

    2. I hope it comes to 'Bama v. ND now.

      You and me both. Or Jawja... makes no nevermind to me. The outcome will be the same, assuming the sticks all fall as they should. I might could be persona non grata around here after January 7th.

    3. Ain't gonna be the Dawgs. 'Bama stumbled against us BAD (as you know). Then got blindsided by the fAggies (as you know).

      Corch St. Nick will NOT stand for more than two sub-standard performances.

      It'll be y'all & Nick.


  2. OK. I'll step out of my exile and discuss college football on this one occasion.

    I find myself cheering against the team who has the better record in most all college games this season. It gives me something to do.

    1. So, you're cheering for The Hawgz as usual?

      Moogie, just so you'll know...all 4 of your comments were found in "spam." If you hadn't mentioned something about it in another comment, I would not have even looked.

      "Spam," "Ham,"...must be a Hawg thing that The Globber don't like.


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