Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hi Kids! It's Time To Play...

...Which U.S. Governor Will Be Next To Have An Affair?
(with someone of the opposite sex)

If you don't see your Goober on this list, please do not be offended. They may be just as good a candidate for an affair as any of these...

Will it be...

Jodi Rell (R) Connecticut


Sonny Perdue (R) Georgia


Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana nyuk...


Haley Barbour (R) Mississippi

(keep in mind...opposite sex only)


David Paterson (D) New York

(oh wait, he already did that...well, we'll leave him
in the mix anyway. He might want to go for it again.)


Dave Freudenthal (D) Wyoming


or might it be...

Benigno R. Fitial (Northern Mariana Islands)

(high on my personal suspicion list)

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