Thursday, December 24, 2009

So, just how bad IS the Pac-10?

I have been trying to actually put thoughts to words about the last two nights of college football. But, I am truly stumped.

The morons at ESPN are so stupid that it must take them two hours to watch Sixty Minutes. They probably think a Quarterback is a refund. I read an article on their site discussing BYU & Utah's thumping of Oregon State, and Cal (which I will not link to). I would bet that this bozo watches The Three Stooges, just to take notes.

Let me give you a quote: The Pac-10, thought by many to be the nation's best conference -- top-to-bottom -- this season, certainly hasn't looked the part while starting the bowl season 0-2.

Please! Is there anyone with half of a brain that thought the Pac-10 was worth a bucket of warm spit this season...or maybe even the last decade...or two?

As the bowl season unfolds, we will likely find out just how BAD the Pac-10 is, and this moron at ESPN's "surprise" at their weakness may finally match up with what the rest of the thinking world already knows.



  1. But wait 'til the Rose Bowl!! Remember, we beat USC!! And with Oregon State, you're talking a bunch of buck toothed, flat tailed rats. So you can't really expect to much! An Cal....After all it is in California!!

  2. The BCS system is creating a mentality of entitlement in the minds of BCS school athletes. They seem to be buying into the BCS hype created and perpetuated by the likes of ESPN that all they need to do is so up to win games over 'inferior' opponents. It's just one more reason to HATE the BCS.

    And, by the way, you and I both know TCU should be playing Alabama for the national championship. :)

  3. Paul, I say this not because you are a friend, and a loyal contributor.

    I do believe that the Ducks will win the Rose Bowl. They will probably be the only Pac-10 team with a bowl win. Arizona may be the second.

    Dadman, the MW is better year by year. In fact, I believe that from "top to bottom," superior to the Pac-10...with one exception. As to TCU playing 'Bama for the national championship...

    Well, that has already been decided. Alabama won the national championship against Florida already. The BSCS championship will be decided with the second best team in Texas playing Alabama.

    Something will "give" eventually with the BSCS, and a true playoff system will emerge. We may not see it in our lifetimes, as Obama is going to kill us all with health care deform...but I have hopes of one day watching the big boys duke it out like the FCS.

  4. I honestly believe...honestly... that TCU would kick Texas' ass, especially after witnessing their performance against Nebraska. TCU dominated both Utah and BYU (teams that just recently beat both Alabama and Oklahoma). They're a much better team than they're given credit for by SEC and Big 12 homers (yeah, I'm lookin' right at you!) Too bad we can only speculate as to who is better than whom. Stupid BCS...

  5. I do enjoy the silly season and watch pretty much all the ballgames that I can, but to think that Utah beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year even counts as a loss for the Bammeroids is cuh-razee. A team that plays in the SEC Championship game either wins the REAL national championship or doesn't. Then they play a lesser opponent in the bowl game with no motivation at all.

    Oh, and the PAC-10 has not been a factor in real footbaw since OJ graduated. The Four Letter is silly to the nth degree.

  6. Dadman, TCU's offense would surely destroy the Horns' d.

    And, you may look directly at me when identifying SEC homers. Just a fact! Nyuk.

    As always, we agree that the "speculation" of who is better sucks.

    Paul makes an excellent point. In the SEC, it is not about winning the BCS championship. It is about the conference. Perhaps this is true in other conferences, also. But when an Alabama (which as I said repeatedly last season was overrated) loses in Atlanta...the motivation is gone.

    Utah thumped 'em! And, your Cougars played well against OU for sure...and against The Beavers btw. But beating a team by 1 point that finished 7-5. Hey, it's a win against a major program, and something to be proud of.

    The point of my post is that the Pac-10 sucks, and that the morons who vote in polls & cover the Pac-10 have their heads up their backsides.

    But, I am an unashamed SEC homer. It's all over with for me. TCU would no doubt give 'Bama a better game. But, neither TCU, or Texas has faced a defense like the Tide. Not even Nebraska (who I look to soon dominate the Big 12).

    I gotta go to bed. Santa Claus is coming to town, and he knows if I'm awake. Heck, he already knows I've been bad...but maybe he'll let it slide this year.

    Merry Christmas, Dude! Love you. I mean it.

    You too, Paul. Ho Ho Ho, and junk.

  7. Any team that can't get motivated to beat a 'lesser' opponent in a nationally televised BCS bowl game doesn't deserve to win anything regardless of how talented they're perceived to be. If you can't prove your worth on the field of play you ain't worth nothin' at all and lame excuses just sound like, well, lame excuses.

    I believe Alabama would beat TCU in a real national championship game, but TCU's defense would knock McCoy's lights out every other play...

    And for the record, the SEC is not nearly as good as you SEC homers think it is. You can quote me on that...

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  9. Eleven BCS Championship Games to date. The SEC to date has played in FIVE and won every one. Any other conferences done that?

    Um. No.

    No other conference is even above .500. Of course, the PAC-10 sucks and their two games were both uSCCC.

    ACC 1-2
    Big 10 (11) 1-2
    Big 12 2-4
    Big East 1-2
    PAC-10 1-1

    Just saying.

  10. Don't get me wrong, Paul. I think the SEC is a great conference, they just gotta prove their greatness like everybody else...they are not entitled to it simply by virtue of their conference affiliation. When a team like 'Bama gets blown out by Utah it counts and it matters. No excuses...

  11. That is what I am saying, Dadman we do not care about that. The Championship Game is held every year in Atlanta. But, it is hard to argue with 100% winning record over all other conferences in the BCS championship.

  12. My, my, my.

    I wish I had a dog in this hunt.


  13. Paul: I could never pull for a team (or conference) that doesn't care whether they win or lose when they take the field, regardless of the circumstances. I believe in honest competition and sportsmanship. If SEC teams don't care about anything other than their own championship or the 'BCS National Championship' games they should politely refuse to participate in bowls against perceived 'lesser' opponents and let the filthy BCS lucre go to another team. Just saying...

  14. Dadman, I do see your point, but Congress would try to pass a law if the SEC really played all out in the BCS games. It is like shooting game that is tied to a post. Teddy Roosevelt wouldn't do it, so neither will the SEC.

  15. Paul: Ha! Now that's funny! Hope you had a Merry Christmas...

  16. Gennemens...I have enjoyed the discussion. Y'all really put a grin on my ugly face this morning.

    Staci, I am quite sure you do wish you had a dog in the fight.

    Dadman, I think we all agree that the BCS sucks, and I hope we are in agreement that the Pac-10 (the point of the original post) is highly over-rated, even inferior to other conferences that don't get an auto-berth.

    And Paul...that was funny, my friend. I'm still laughing 30 minutes after I read it.

    Hope y'all had a great Christmas.

    BTW Dadman, congrats to your Cougars. You're an Arizona grad, right? I feel sorry for anybody that has to play that Nebraska D. I'm glad LSU didn't draw the Huskers.

  17. Andy: Actually, I graduated from Arizona State (and BYU) neither of which I suspect have large fan bases in your next of the woods...

    Enjoy the trampoline. We had one for several years before one of the neighbors kids fell off and broke his neck. Been in litigation ever since...

    Just kidding. :>)

  18. Dadman, I had forgotten whether it was Arizona, or ASU.

    As to the trampoline...Funny Dadman, reeeeel funny! Nyuk

  19. That should read 'your NECK of the woods'. Crap, I hate typos...


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