Thursday, January 14, 2010

The end of an era...

Cobb's Bar-B-Que, and more specifically the owner, Joe Cobb, symbolized "Old Bossier."

That era has ended.

Too many stories to tell. Too many memories. A friend to Governors, Mayors, Congressmen, Senators...a friend to my grandparents...a friend to my parents, and in-laws...a friend to me and Pam...a friend to my sons.

I know it's "hokey" to say stuff like this, but if there is a kitchen in Heaven, the residents are gonna finally get some cosmic-class potato salad.

Rest in peace, Joe. We'll miss you.


  1. Sorry for the loss, Andy. I read the obit and Joe sounds like quite a guy. Most guys his age were and are.

  2. Thanks Buck. Joe was really a pesonification of a different time here in our town. Our families are real I said, loooooooong stories. Good memories!

  3. This is sad indeed. I've eaten a lot of barbecue at Cobb's. When we visited Bossier we'd still go there for barbecue. I'm not entirely certain because it's been so long ago, but when I was looking for sponsors for my Close-Up trip to Washington DC in my senior year, I believe Cobbs was one of the few who donated. Without those donations, I'd never have been able to go.

  4. Cosmic, I would not be surprised. The Cobbs were very generous people that cared about the community, and young people.

    Mrs. Cobb is living, and in pretty good shape. But she is almost totally blind. The girls are here though, and she has scads of friends to see about her (Pam's Mom is her bosom buddy).

    I'll miss Joe...


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