Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday junk...

Hi y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, it's pretty warm here this morning...about 18 F. Suhweet! I went out to break the ice off of Sadie's water this morning, and it wouldn't break with a brick. So, I had to get out my sledge hammer. Done!

I guess we all saw what happened last night in the BCS Championship game. I had picked 'Bama by 17, at 27 - 10. I was close on the spread, but off on the score. Texas surprised me. Would it have made a difference with McCoy in the game? I think so. Good effort under tough circumstances, Horns. But, YOU LOSE!

And, whoever called anything other than a "take a knee" at the end of the first half on the Texas staff should be cleaning out his desk this morning. Does Mack call the plays? Just curious...

Basil has an interesting take on what likely would have happened this season with a College Football playoff system. I think his analysis is pretty good. Check it out.

This is an old story, so you probably already know that a statue of a young Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) was unveiled in Jakarta, Indonesia. He's real popular over there. The unveiling took place to coincide with his Nobel Peace Prize deal (cough cough).

Isn't that sweet? I mean, the basketball shorts, and the little butterfly and all...just precious. That represents hope, y'all...

Our buddy, Paul the FireGuy sent me a photo of the crowd waiting breathlessly for the unveiling.


I had told y'all that number 3 son, and his gal made the big "meet the father, stepmom, and grandparents trip" to the KY, TN border north of Knoxville. Well, they made it back in last night. I was relieved, as they drove through some pretty rough global warming in the Southeast yesterday.

Phil was a bit tired, but had to turn around this morning and leave about 6 am for Hot Springs, AR to do his Army Reserve stuff. He left out in pretty good shape, though.

I got a funny computer letter from his gal's stepmom, telling me how much they enjoyed the visit from the kids, and how much they liked my son, etc. (Well...who wouldn't? Just sayin') They showed the kids the sights, and even took them down to Knoxville for a University of Tennessee basketball game (they are HUGE Vol fans). I had told y'all about the beautiful LSU purple & gold afghan that she knitted as a surprise for us.

Well, she also had another gift for the kids to bring back to me. The car has not been unloaded, but I understand that it is one of those big Vol "#1" Foam hands. Nyuk.

And, attached to the very sweet e-mail was a "screensaver" for my office computer. I opened it up, and just had to giggle.

I swear, I love me a homer, regardless of who they root for!

I've got a major overhaul of my Dad's business web-site to do this weekend. We were just going to update the prices to reflect the January Factory price increase. But, as we've studied it, it's probably time to revamp the whole site.

It's been several years since I set it, I gotta scrape the rust off my html knowledge. Well, at least I will not be distracted by real football...

Hey! Listen up! Y'all have a good Friday out there. Stay warm. Hang loose. Whatever.


  1. You know, I lost interest when Tejas kicked that second field goal which shot my prediction numbers to Hell. I am just cranky like that.

    And I got a buddy that works in Mobile that says the Bammeroids are already too obnoxious to be around about their "championship." He asks, "When is September?"

  2. TD, I am not quite so cranky as that. However, I did doze off with 'Bama up by 3, and snapped back in about 30 seconds before it was over.

    They just got too dang much pre-game & halftime.

    You want to talk "obnoxious!" Imagine what it woulda been like in Austin. Or Baton Rouge.

    And, I can not even fathom the depth, nor heights it would reach in Gainesville.

  3. I think you're right about McCoy making a difference had he not been hurt. There could have been a lot more (and better sorts of) hangovers in Austin this morning had that been the case. But it is what it is...

    I got that pigeon e-mail yesterday, too. It's amazing how this stuff makes the rounds, innit?

  4. Ha! Buck, I'll admit that Texas is much better than I thought. I still haven't figured out McCoy's dropping out, but I guess the whole story will come out. Gotta be a lot of disappointed Horns. I know I would be.

    Man, how different is the world now? Stuff makes the rounds really quickly. Thank God for Al Gore. ;)


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