Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pipe drip failure...

Okay, so we've got this garage apartment at Andy's Place. We have never rented it to anyone, but it has come in awfully handy.

The older boys lived in it when they were teenagers, and #3 son lived up there also, before moving on into real life.

Plus, we set up shop up there to produce our income. It is above the garage, therefore, the plumbing is exposed. So, being the faithful steward of Andy's Place, I made sure to drip all of the faucets...even the commode (it leaks by, and I have left it that way in order to be able to keep water flowing during times of global warming...such as we are currently experiencing).

So, I go upstairs this morning...Cool! Everything is running great! Nothing frozen! Great!

Well, I am a day and a half in on reworking my Daddy's website, and I certainly need some fresh air. I mean, it's warming up and all, and the sunshine is inviting even though it's still cold. So, I walk out back to mess with Sadie...and my back yard is completely flooded...water where there ain't been water before.


Water is flowing out of the utility room in the back of the garage. Ooops! I forgot that there is an old washing machine connection which we have not used since we brought the laundry facilities inside many years ago. Water is just spewing (not dripping, nor pouring...spewing I tell you) from the one little spot on that supply line where the insulation is split...

So, I run to the street, and shut the water off.

I've still got hours of html crap to complete, and now...gotta go to Home Depot.



  1. I feel yore pain, Andy. I've been having recurring freezing water line issues all this winter, as well. Wears a body down, it does.

    Good to read all is better.


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