Thursday, February 25, 2010

Math Puzzle...

Sent along by Cowdad.

Please do not Gooblecheat!!!

They say only people with an IQ 120 and over are able to figure this out. 

(btw, I did, so that saying is not universally true.)

2 + 3 = 10
7 + 2 = 63
6 + 5 = 66
8 + 4 = 96

9 + 7 = ????


  1. Ya - should we leave our answer in the comments, or will that wreck everything? Please verify.

    Either email me, phone me on my land line, cell phone, ham radio me, or go to channel 123 on your cb radio.

    BTW - Mitchieville was the original Hump Day Hottie place for Babes (sounds like a place to go for chicken wings).

    Look it up, it's true. And no, royalties aren't necessary.

  2. Mr. Mayor, leave your answer in the comments, please. It's impossible to ruin anything on this blog, because it's already that way.

    Didn't know Mitchieville was the original Hump Day Hottie site. But, I'm not surprised one bit...

  3. This appears to be the first digit multiplied by the left side of the equation from first glance.

    Then 9+7 = 144, right?

  4. Paul, you wins you the prize! Take any cupie doll off the second shelf.

  5. I don't play with dolls, but I will take that faded plastic Snoopy thing, if you do not mind.

  6. That was weird because the 7 + 2 = 63 just jumped out at me.

  7. Paul, I am sorry, that does not qualify for the faded Snoopy. However, you may choose some earrings from the "B" section of the glass case.

  8. I'm with Staci. My checkbook hasn't been balanced since the maid quit. (She was also my accountant. A talented woman, fer shure.)

  9. 144. Yeah, I know, I'm late to teh party. Whatevs.

    It's the result of the math equation displayed, multiplied by the first integer.


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