Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing the worldwide computer...ONE USER AT A TIME!

Got another "convert!"  This must be noted.  It MUST BE!

Ever since I became the self appointed The Wrongness of The Gooble Czar™, it has become more than clear that I Own The Gooble! This fact has been well chronicled, and I will not bore y'all with it. Again. Really, I won't...

But, it's becoming more and more evident that we are converting one computer using soul at a time to our terminology.  One such convert reached Andy's Place yesterday.

I haven't mentioned this in a good while, but I also own The Yahoo! I have showed y'all before how The Yahoo put Andy's Place at #1 when somebody is searching for "what would Elvis look like today," and how we came up #1 on "Andy has got man boobs," etc.

But now we know exactly what spot on the net owns a certain least on The Yahoo!

You might have to click on this one twice to see it big enough to read good.  But, when you do, notice that almost all the sites listed are "scam alert" sites.

It seems that internet scammers and I must have something in common.  Huh?

And, be sure and read the blurb on the last entry.  Nyuk...


  1. You don't think the proximity of the "B" and "G" keys might have sumthin' to do with this, do ya? ;-)

    wv: piciss "one piciss worth a thousand words." Or sumthin'.

  2. Yeah Buck, I'm pretty sure the "b" "g" thing has something to do with it. But the scammers do it on accident. I do it on purpose.

  3. Andy, I've studied this Gooble thingy since I started reading your blog. Finally I called in my gigantic gaggle of Gooble specialists, my massive troop of techies, and Willard Bugtussle (who lives down the road). And they all agree that you are the Main Gooble Guy. You are the supreme Gooble Guru, the Search Master, the Pope of the Look up Phrase. I bow to your Gooble Awesomeness.

  4. Dan, I'm humbled. I mean, if Willard Bugtussle says it, then it must be so!


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