Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Junk...(#80-something)

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, and a good Sunday morning to you and yours!

Oooooooh, the weather is just glorious around here.  After those bad mamajama storms blew through yesterday, it got just gloriously beautiful.  I hope all our blog friends to the east of us fared okay.  It was a gollywhopper of a front, for sure.

I guess a lot of people got killed in Mississippi.  I saw some of the damage on the news last night in Tallulah, LA, and Yazoo City, MS.  Rough.  I've lived through one of those big whoppers before...not fun.  Let's remember to lift those folks up in our prayers.

So, what do we have today?  Not a whole lot, really.

Heh!  I got another one of those "famous people look-alikes" that Paul the Fireguy sent me for us all to look at.

funny animated gif

Oh yeah, y'all have probably all heard by now, but some big time bloggers are calling for May 20, 2010 to be "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day."  I think it's a good idea, and I will participate.  Of course, my drawing skills are right up around there with my parachuting experience...but I'm gonna give it a shot.  (That's an inside joke for Dadman, who is an excellent artist, and a parachuter...parachutist...crazy man that jumps out of perfectly good airplanes...whatever.)

If you have your own blog, just do what you want.  But, if you don't have a blog, or a place to publish your work for folks to see, you can send it to me at, and I'll publish it along with mine.

It doesn't have to be any good.  It'll be in like company, I assure you.

Ya' know, a friend of this blog, Sully The Urban Hillbilly has been way ahead of the game on this thing.  He's been drawing Mohammad cartoons for quite a while now.  A real trail-blazer, that Sully is!

Let's see what else...  Oh yeah!  Andy's first go-around with the #2 clippers has garnered yet another "rack 'em up #1" on The Gooble Search©! Actually, it's a #1, and a #2.

 You will see here that "Andy's Place" is #1 in this here search.  And, note that "" in the #2 result, is referencing the same post.

Face it.  I own the Gooble!

Oh yeah.  Theo Spark runs his daily "Totty" line-up.  I don't put pictures like that on this blog because some of 'em are just too suggestive, and don't really fit with what we do here.  Which once we decide exactly what it is that we do here, we'll let y'all know.  But, we know it's not gratuitous "eye candy" stuff.  I got nothing against it, mind you.  The truth is, The Mrs. reads this blog, and told me not to do it anymore.  Anyway, Theo's daily line-up is posted...if you're in to almost naked women.

And, our good buddy Skunkfeathers (who was blog-roasted by Eddie Bluelights honor, indeed), sent me a link to his Sunday line-up.

Well, that's about all I've got this morning.  Got lots to do...miles of grass to get cut on this glorious NW Louisiana day.

The Defenders of Liberty Air Show is here at Barksdale Air Force Base this weekend.  Saints' Quarterback Drew Brees was here yesterday, and took a flight with The Thunderbirds.  I think the news report said he took a bunch of Gs several times, and did not throw up.  Good on him!  They also had a semi out there that ran at over 300 miles per hour.  It's the world's fastest semi.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't use a stock engine.

I love the Air Show.  It all happens right over my house.  I can just sit in my lawn chair, and not burn a drop of gas while enjoying the Air Force wrecking the planet with their massive carbon footprint.  It makes me proud!

Well, y'all have a blessed Sunday!  It's Sunday, so don't cuss nobody out, or pick on small children, or nothing.  I love y'all!  I really do...


  1. Andy, beautiful morn here in TN too after last night's storms. Got a couple of old locust trees down in the yard. It was pretty bad but nothing like they got in Yazoo City. Enjoy the air show.

  2. Dan, I'm glad to hear that was the extent of your damage. I worried about you, and Paul in Mississippi, and Paul in Georgia, and Nancy & others in Florida...really about all of y'all!

    Crank up the chain saw and enjoy the glorious weather!

  3. re: Drawing Mohammad. I was reading comments on some lefty blog on this subject last evening and someone posted a link to the on-line Mohammed image archive. If you chase the link be sure to scroll down and click on the "e-mail responses," which are divided into "negative" and "positive" in a side by side column format. There's some hair-curling stuff in the negative responses, which are nearly all illiterate.

  4. Dude! That's an insult to pugs!


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?