Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Great Guitar Show! (Episode #9)...

I'll tell y'all is just about getting right now!

I don't know if I've EVER mentioned this before, but I despise cold weather...I don't even like "cool" weather.  I may have subtly mentioned that in the past, but I'm not sure.

And, today is actually the first really good hot, humid, sweat-popping day we've had this year.

I am in Heaven.  I spent about three hours swinging a weed-eater, and another close to an hour with a chain saw, taking care of badly untended business!  I took pictures and everything, but I'll save that for another day.

While me and The Mrs. were out there enjoying the good old Southern heat, and actually getting junk done, I kept thinking about "The Guitar Show."  I was thinking that I ought to post something by Jim Stafford.  Most folks just kinda' consider Jim to be a "clown."  He is a hilarious rascal!  And I think possibly because he's such a goober, folks don't really know just how accomplished he is on the guitar.

Well, as fate would have it, when I sat down to look at my computer letters this pm, our good friend Nancy had sent me a video of...guess who...c'mon....guess!

Yep...Jim Stafford.  I'll swear, I think our beloved visitors have got ESPN or something!  I mean, it's kinda' spooky ...

I'm gonna show you the very young Jim Stafford on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson first.  And then, I'm gonna show you a somewhat older Jim Stafford doing the same piece...and trust me, it'll be worth your time.

Would I lie to you?

Heck, no!

Jim Stafford on The Tonight Show

Okay, here's the one that Nancy sent me. Nyuk!  There is a "pay-off" in here...and actually something I thought you couldn't get away with back in that day.  Hmmm...well, the times they were a'changin'...

Jim Stafford on The Smothers Brothers program


  1. He had his own TV show at one time, early 70's? Stafford is amazing.

  2. That has be about the very same time, though. The song was written in 1968 and the Smothers Brothers comedy show ended in 1969. The window is small there, brah.

  3. Yep, Dogs don't care. You can watch 'em do anything. Do you know the difference between a Baptist and a Catholic in a liquor store? The Baptist won't say hello. MUD

  4. Just a note, My momma was a Baptist and played the piano in the local church. When she was buried, it was in a bright red dress. No woman that looked that good in a red dress never went out for a night on the town now and then. Yep, like thme danged cats, you could hear 'em raising hell, you just could never see 'em at it.

  5. Nyuk! That's funny, MUD. Seriously.

    Paul, Stafford looks a good bit older, and also Tommy Smothers does. I was assuming it was a TV special done after their regular series ended...but I could be wrong.

    Regardless, the dude is quite the entertainer.

  6. Andy, Let me add to the spooky. When I posted my last Guitar Show bit, I used Chet Atkins and Les Paul, but before doing so I thought long and hard about using a clip I saw with Chet and Stafford. But then I heard a voice in my mind..."don't seek the treasure..." Ooops. Wrong danged ESPN stuff...the voice told me to go with Atkins and Paul. Allowing you to do the first Stafford post that your friend Nancy sent you. Spooky or what? Anyway, I really like Stafford. He's very funny and a terrific guitar player. I'd like to catch his Branson show sometime.

  7. Stafford IS way-cool. I wouldn't doubt but he COULD kick a guitar 60 yards.

    And yeah, the times were a changin' then. I used to watch Dickie and Tommy every week just to see what they slipped by the censors. A LOT, as it turned out. The Bros Smothers were a whole helluva lot better than Rowan and Martin.

  8. I miss the Smothers Brothers -- I had all their albums and knew most of their routinese by heart.

    And about our weather -- good hair days are definitely in the rear view mirror 'til next year. I am not a fan of the humidity.

  9. Moogie...just shave your hair down to a #2 like I did. You'll love it. Trust me! Humidity will be the last worry on your mind after that.

    You and Buck seem to have fond remembrances of The Smothers Brothers, as do I. Gwaaaa...those guys were funny..."Mom always like you best, etc." Such fabulous memories...and the guys were talented, to boot!

    Dan, I am not one bit surprised. This whole things has been kooky...I mean "spooky." But, it has really been an oasis of a treat in my dry desert these days. Seriously. I've had more fun than I can tell you. You had one heck of a good idea.


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