Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hey y'all!  Anybody have any experience with eFax, or MaxEmail, or some other online fax service?

I have maintained a dedicated fax land line for about 14 years (for my biz, and my Dad's biz...of which I am the secretary).  The dang thing is OUT.  Again!!!  I'm thinking of just dropping the land line, and going with an online fax service because it seems that AT&T has great difficulty in keeping my stinkin' phones working.

On the OTHER HAND, my cable internet service has only been OUT for about 15 minutes total during the 6 or 7 years that I have subscribed.

If anybody has ANY suggestions for using the worldwide comprutuh to receive, and send faxes, it would be greatly appreshunated!


  1. I fax a ton of stuff out of my computer every day, looked at them several years ago but they didn't seem very effective.
    I'm sure by now they probably are, so I'm really glad you asked this and am anxious to see who has some answers!

  2. Me too, Jim. I'm pretty sure that one of our 14 visitors has the answer.

  3. I been paying 13 a month for efax for years and have been pleased. Dowload there software. They have or had a free trial under so many faxes. People fax to a number they assign to you. It is turned into email and sent to as many emails as you want. I keep many emais/faxes in a separate hotmail account if I need to check it away from the office. For you to fax, scan the document into a file on your computer. Any document on your computer you open and click on print and choos efax instead of your printer. Them you add the fax number and name and you can add it to your addresses. You are given a chance to add a cover sheet. Click send and it goes out over your Internet to somewhere and then it is faxed to the recipient.

    Another option the phone company offers a ringmaster for business lines. It comes in on the same line you pay for. It just rings differently for the fax to recognize and pixk up.

    I do phone lines as part of my business. You can call if you want to.

    I started to disconnect my old housephone since my son uses a cell phone. And the phone company offered to drop the rate to 15 a month as a local line only, no long distant server. I can get incoming calls and dial 800 numbers and credit card calls and local calls.

  4. Darrell, thanks for the input. I think I'm going to cancel this dedicated fax line today. Get an eFax number, and threaten to drop the house phone line.

    I will let you know how it works out.


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