Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now, that was quick...

Now, that old boy is fast!  I'll bet he set some kind of arena record or something!

But, y'all, I feel like we just set a new Southern Purple Hull Pea Processing Record. I mean right here at Andy's Place. The Mrs. and I are definitely the Champeens of the South!  5 bushels (37 quarts) culled, cleaned, blanched, and in the freezer - 3 hours, 22 minutes, 14.3 seconds.  


Now, beat that, y'all!  Hey, as I was thinking about this new speed record it reminded me of something.  Up on the Louisiana/Arkansas border, there's a little town called "Emerson, AR."  About this time of year, they hold their annual "Purple Hull Pea Festival."  I've never been to it, but I drove through Emerson one time, and they had a big old banner hanging over Main St., announcing the dates of the Festival.

There's nothing unusual about little towns having "Festivals" to celebrate some local favorite crop, or landmark, etc.  But what made me chuckle is that the banner said, "FEATURING THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ROTARY TILLER RACE!"

Nyuk!  I gotta get up there for that one year...


  1. I make quite a few trips through Emerson on my rounds of doing service calls and went through there yesterday on the way home. But didn't see the banner. I have watched it in channel 3 sometimes on the news. It is hilarious. Basically you have a tiller that is hopped up and the best racers are those who can keep up. Long legs help. Note to spectators, don't hang out at the end of the racetrack. Sometimes they don't stop until they run into something. On another note of hopped up lawn and garden tools. I was talking to a fellow in the El Dorado area who had a broken leg, arm and was well banged up. I asked him what happened and he said he had a lawn mower wreck. I said what? He said he was testing out his racing mower and left the road doing 60 mph. His buddy that was following said all he would see was some parts of the mower as it would appear as it flipped end over end. I just don't know about people sometimes.

  2. Darrell, that is hilarious! Yessir, I have seen "lawnmower races" before down on the Riverfront in Shreveport.

    But, I honestly could not conceive of what the World Championship Rotary Tiller Race would look like.


    I really don't know if they still have the purple hull pea festival there any more. It was about 8 or 9 years ago the last time I happened through Emerson, and saw that banner.

    That's sad, yet funny stuff, Darrell.


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