Thursday, June 24, 2010

The phone rang this afternoon...

...and it was Daddy.

Daddy:  Hey Andy, my pea guy called me again.  He said he has 6 bushels of purple hulls just out of the sheller.  I know that y'all put up those 5 bushels yesterday, but I was wondering if y'all wanted to mess with 6 bushels tomorrow.

It's awfully dry, and I'm afraid we won't be able to get any later on.  If y'all want to mess with it, I'll go down to Sligo and get 'em and split them with you.

Me:  (Long pause...turning to The Mrs.)  Honey, do you want to mess with putting up 6 bushels of purple hulls in the morning?

The Mrs:  Oh yeah!  We need another couple of bushels for ourselves to make it to next Summer.  And, I think my Momma needs a bushel.  Sure!

Me:  Sure, Daddy!  We'll put 'em up if you'll go get 'em.

I've got to turn in early tonight.

Hey look, y'all...I had about three really good, interesting things I was gonna tell y'all about.  So, I'm going to write them down here so I will remember to tell y'all about them tomorrow.  One is about paint that does not paint...the next is about a tremendous honor bestowed upon Andy's Place...and the other is about...crud, I should have started with the third one, because I can not remember it.

Don't worry, it will come to me.  And then I'll tell y'all about my plans to tell y'all about it.  Really I will.


  1. We've got peas and tomatoes coming in galore. Many a best laid plan has been ruined by a ripened garden. Thank God.

  2. Snarky, Thank God, indeed! We've got eggplant, peppers, 'maters galore.

    The okra is just now putting on. But, we always purchase purple hulls from the real truck farmers...too much sugar for a dime to grow them, shell them, etc.

    Thank God, indeed.


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