Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Put me in, Corch!!! The BIG Announcement...

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I had told y'all a few days ago that a great, and quite humbling honor has been conferred upon Andy's Place.  Well, the truth is that it is an honor that is shared amongst all y'all visitors, too!  Pat y'allselves on the back!

One of the most popular features on the entire worldwide computer is The Mayor's Mensa Teaser feature, which runs every Thursday at Mitchieville.  Well, each year The Mayor takes the Summer off from posting Mensa Teasers.  Ya' kinda refresh, recharge, drink a little heavier, etc.

So, The Mayor looked across the entirety of the blog world.  He searched high and low.  He overturned every rock, and nooked through every cranny looking for the most astute group of blog visitors on the planet to which he might entrust the solemn responsibility of filling in (just for the Summer, mind you).

And, you guessed it!  He picked me to sling the pigskin, and y'all to catch the passes!

Actually, I begged him to let me give it a try...and offered him inducements.  But, that is beside the point.  The point is that we got the gig, and that's all that matters!  If you do not know what "Mensa Teaser" is, it is where The Mayor makes some really funny observation, or tells some funny story or something, then he poses TWO questions that folks are asked in Mensa examinations.  It then becomes the job of the visitors to answer the questions.  And I'll tell y'all, some of those questions are HARD.

Now, I have promised The Mayor that I will faithfully post Mensa Teaser every Thursday until college football season starts, or until he tells me that I really suck at it, and to go back and sit on the bench.  I have also promised him that I will not do such a stellar job of it that there rises a great clamor for me to replace him permanently.  So, expect the level of mediocrity in this feature that you have come to expect around here daily.  Okay?  Okay!

Ooooooohhhhhhh, I'm excited!!!  I was thinking we might give Mensa Teaser a "Louisiana Flavor."  No, we will not ask questions like, "What is two plus two?"  Or "Boudreaux caught 12 catfish, and Thibodeaux caught 9.  How much longer will it take Boudreaux to clean his fish than Thibodeaux?"  Nope, it will not be anything quite that simple.

So, y'all get all y'all's thinking caps on, and pencils and tablets ready for tomorrow.

I'll tell y'all, I'm so excited I might just turn loose water...

Thanks, Corch Mayor!  I will NOT let you down!


  1. Ooh. Should we be afraid?

    w/v: garright, "I got r right, Corch!"

  2. Naw Moogie! Nothing to fear at all. I'm gonna start y'all off with little short passes until we get our timing down.

    Then we'll go for the bombs.

  3. Bring it on! Please try to post early in the morning, as I only have 2 brain cells left and one of them starts shorting out after about 10AM.

  4. Will do, Jimbo!

    We aims to pleeze...

  5. Is this something like geek teasing? I was on the receiving end of that krep and it ain't ANY fun!

  6. Andy, congrats! Break a leg. You've already got the teasing part down with all the humpday hottie stuff you've been pulling lately.

    One more for the road, a Rosannadapperdanna monologue: To tell you the truth, the word MENSA scares the bejesus outta me. I ain't never been all that good at macho alpha masculine male stuff, don't have a lot of muscles and always avoid fights. And I sure as heck don't want anyone teasing or making fun of me. What's that? It doesn't have anything to do with masculinity? It's an organization of intelligent people? And you're talking about solving puzzles to show you're smart. Hmmm. Never mind.


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