Friday, June 11, 2010


What say you?

It is being reported that the stars have aligned, and the Big XII Conference will soon go the way of the old Southwest Conference.  With Nebraska noising a move to the Little 10 (eleven), and Colorado having jumped ship to play in the Pathetic-10, it seems that the Texas/Okie U's are headed west to join a mega-conference of 16 teams (which they will dominate, btw).

I'm really having trouble believing that this is actually going to happen.  But, all the experts seem to believe that it's pretty well a done deal.  I understand that it is another case of "follow the money," but something about it all just seems "wrong."

Certainly, the rivalries that have emerged over decades will survive.  But, there is something about "regional" conference play that makes the game what it is IMHO.  16 teams is too many for one conference.  Truth be told, 12 might be.  This whole thing causes problems in my thinking.  Because we are saddled with the BCS for now, I wonder what the ramifications will be.  Will the Pacific-16 get two automatic berths?

Personally, I'd like to see something akin to the old Southwest Conference revived, with Texas, Texas Tech, A&M, OU, OSU, Arkansas, and perhaps some other Big XII teams participating.  Maybe invite some weak sisters like Baylor, SMU, Houston, etc.  Heck, even the SEC has it's Vandy (and a couple of others that can suck just as bad from year to year).  10 teams would be enough.  12 should be tops.

To be honest, I'm just confused about the whole thing.  I mean, REAL College Football is only played in 9 US States, with the National Championship being held in Atlanta each year.  But, folks in the other 41 States enjoy their version of the game, regardless of its' inferior nature.  So, this is something that will impact fans nationwide.

Then there is the question of how realignment will impact the BYU's, and Boise's, etc.

It is a complex subject, and I have about a zillion thoughts on it.  But, I am truly interested in your thoughts on the whole thing.  If you care to, please take the time to comment.  I'll try to monitor off and on today, and repost the comments.  I am really curious how you see this whole thing...what the ramifications for your region of the country will be, and it's fan base...the ramifications for your favorite teams, etc.

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  1. It's all very confusing at this point. I do agree that 16 is way too big, 10 in each conference is plenty.
    It will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

  2. Twelve teams in a conference is too many, given the season's schedule. I'm of the opinion there should be at least one out-of-conference opponent a year just for grins and giggles, and every team in each conference should play each other every year. How's the Pac-16 gonna do that?

    As for conference realignments... I couldn't care less, unless it affects ND's traditional rivalry games, like SC or Michigan (Navy is safe, being one of the few other independents). Other ND fans prolly feel the same as we have a NATIONAL fan base, unlike you grits-eatin' homer yokels in the mosquito and gator infested swamp lands.

  3. Yes. I like the PAC-10 at the size it is right now, as each team plays each team, with a couple non-conference games thrown in. Too much travel, not enough natural rivalry, and screwy schedules will be the result of this mess. But it does kind of pave the way to get rid of the BCS - we'll probably boil down to 4 superconferences, and then the winners of those can have a playoff for the championship. Still, I think it is messy.

    PS - "Pathetic-10"?? Dems fightin' words right there, Sparky! If there is any reason the PAC-10 is a step behind (debatable) it's that there aren't enough speedy gangstas on pre-trial release around these parts for us to fill our whole rosters with 'em.

  4. Buck, why don't you tell us what you really think? ;)

    ND is unique in that they do have quite possibly the broadest base of fans which to disappoint annually. Surprisingly...well, maybe it won't surprise you...they are quite "strong" in Louisiana (I think it's a Catholic thing).

    I have a feeling that if things do shake out as Inno suggests behind your comment, some of those traditional rivalries just might be affected...especially when it comes to the few Independents left. Dunno!

    Inno, I think the "natural rivalry" point you make is excellent. It takes decades sometimes to build up a healthy hatred for an opponent...and the geographic "natural rivalry" is central to much of what makes College football the spectacle that it is.

    As to the "Pathetic-10" thing...lifelong grits-eatin' SEC homers hate everybody else!!! It's a rule. And the hatred begins fresh and vehement at the furthest point West...subsides a bit crossing the Continental Divide, and then picks up steam again somewhere near the Mississippi River.

    Nothin' personal...just biniss!

  5. ND is unique in that they do have quite possibly the broadest base of fans which to disappoint annually. Surprisingly...well, maybe it won't surprise you...they are quite "strong" in Louisiana (I think it's a Catholic thing).

    Well, Jesus DOES love ND. There's that thing about THE most iconic image in college ball, yanno? And the rest of the known universe loves ND, too. I mean... google "ND football" and ya get "About 7,370,000 results." Google "LSU Tigers football" and ya get "About 3,200,000 results." QED.

    As far as modern day disappointments go... even Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness. It's not been that long since ND's last National Championship and we DO have our illustrious history to fall back upon. Yeah, you've (LSU) won two since our last... but all-time? NO contest. And like Schwarzenegger... "We'll be baaack." Take it to the bank.

  6. Buck, thank you for the "gentle correction." I should have probably said that I think it is the "Roman Catholic" thing...not the "Universal" Catholic thing.

    Ummmmm...I hate to do this...but let me be the FIRST to inform you that not all of the rest of the known Universe loves Da'Dame. Now, I know it's gonna be hard to swallow, but trust me on this one. I actually know TWO Roman Catholics that pray for their defeat each Saturday.

    I mean...I know it's hard to pray against Jesus' favorite team (cough cough), but they do. As to Goobling "ND football," vs. Goobling "Anyothercollege/university/highschool football," of course The Gooble is going to be ND-loaded.

    There are a lot of haters out there. Trust me, there are!

    But, let me stride tall above the homerisms, and address something seriously. You note ND's National Championships. Man, the way things are set up now with the BSCS...and if "mega-conferences" emerge...we will never see the likes of a Notre Dame championship again. (Of course, we probably would not anyway, due to the fact that not much real talent wants to go to play for a program that is kind of a footnote in history, and just takes pick-up games against Pathetic-10, little-10, and service academies...and doesn't go pound it out against real football teams...and loses many of those they venture into. Just sayin'...)

    No matter how good they are, no program will be able to stand alone. I don't like it. I don't like it at all (Not just Notre Dame...I mean, where we're heading).

    As to the "all-time?" Yeah, I think Army had some national championships, then there was Colgate, Princeton, Lafayette, and Carlisle Indian School maybe, too.

    Sadly...and I truly do say it "sadly," the direction of the game will leave ND out of the mix. No matter how good they are.

  7. Andy,
    I just got back from a trip and I read this:
    "Heck, even the SEC has it's Vandy (and a couple of others that can suck just as bad from year to year)."

    Shame, despair, agony on me...

    Okay, you're right and I'm humiliated. But. I'll have you know that VAndy beat #6 ranked LSU in...1937. So there.

    How long has that been? Just 73 years. So just you wait. I think it comes around once every 75 years.

    But I could be wrong.

  8. I grew up a Razorback fan, then cheerleader and U of A graduate. That means that I was indoctrinated at an early age to despise all things Texan in the Southwest Conference. To this day I resist Pepper's suggestiob about retirement in San Antonio (no state income tax, superb military medical facilities available to retirees) because, for all it has to offer, San Antonio is still in Texas.

    I kinda like our Hog opposition being spread out across several states in the SEC. The animosity isn't quite as concentrated.

    And, of course, there is that National Championship in Atlanta thing.

    12 is just about right.

    PAC Who?

  9. Dan, I honestly shudder to think what might happen this season in the Vandy match-up. Honestly.

    Moogie, I hear you. I know your history as a Razorbacker. But, you must admit that Fayettville has much more in common with Norman, Stillwater, Austin, College Station, etc. than it does with Gainesville, or Lexington. Not only "regionally," but "historically." That's the healthy hatred I'm talkin' about! That's what makes great football.

    I'm not lobbying for The Hogs to get booted from the SEC. I'm just saying that a very strong conference could be formed, and would be supported well by some older time historical rivals. And that to see the old SWC teams head East and West is a shame.

    And, that Arkansas sucks, and will NEVER play the big game in Atlanta anyway. ( knew it was coming)

  10. There are a lot of haters out there. Trust me, there are!

    NO! Say it ain't so!

    Heh. I lived in Detroit for ten years, remember? I worked with a LOT of alumni from both that school in A-Squared and that agricultural school in the lil Green (and white) burg a ways up I-96 from Dee-troit, not to mention my maize&blue/green&white neighbors. BOTH groups hated ND more than they hated each other, if that's possible. It was THE one thing they could agree on. There's no middle ground with ND; no one is ambivalent about them. Love or hate: pick one.

    That said, I think the school's program will continue to thrive. There's a LOT of good Catholic kids who dream of getting a chance to "Play like a champion today."

  11. I agree that 8-10 teams in a conference is just about the right number. Of course, I favor the old days of the mighty Big 8.

    I have a bad feeling about riding along with Texas everywhere they go. I don't want to be their little brother.

    I was hoping for OU to join the SEC over the new Supah Dupah Conference. It would make for good conversation with you swamp things. Or, as you say, to have a totally new conference (I'd call it the Red River) with the remainder of the Big XII, minus probably Baylor.

    For some reason, neither Joe Castiglione nor Bob Stoops has called me and asked me what I think! What's up with that?


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