Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Support Helen Thomas Day!

Okay, so this is one completely stolen post title, and photo.  I stolden it off of my good blog buddy, MUD.  MUD wrote a post that made me laugh so hard I almost lost my lunch when I saw the title, and picture.  Then it kinda' ticked me off at first when I started reading it.  And then I figured he was just being "cheeky."  And then, I ended up totally confused as to whether he meant it or not.  

But then again...I am easily confused.  I think he kinda' cleared it up in the comments, though...but I'm a little slow on the uptick.

But heck, it don't matter!  Me and MUD have disagreed about a bunch of junk...a bunch.  And, we've agreed on a whole bunch more than not.

Regardless,  MUD is awarded the "Best Headline on the Worldwide Computer Today" award.

I doubt he'll archive that award with his Army medals, and commendations, though.  You know, "fame" on the worldwide computer is kind of a "fleeting" thing. 

Just sayin'...


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