Tuesday, July 6, 2010

By Request! Pie review, and recipe...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Well, yesterday I posted a picture of the Blueberry Strawberry Cheesecake Pie that The Mrs. had cooked up for us to eat last night after dinner.  If you can't remember that far back, this is the picture.

So, we have had about a Gozillion visitors today at Andy's Place that are looking in to this thing.  And, we have had forty-two thousand one request to post the recipe for it.

But, I figured I'd better give y'all a review of this pie first, so that you might decide whether or not to bake one.

So, where we at?  This is where we are...

This Pie Chart!!! 

(See what I just did there?  Nyuk!  I just kill me!!!) This shows the consumption (as of now) of this Strawberry Blueberry Cheesecake Pie.  You will note that Andy consumed the lion's share of the deal.  But, I have been instructed that I MUST EAT LOTS OF FOOD DUE TO MY RECENT WEIGHT LOSS, and when The Mrs. says "jump," I always ask for an extra slice.

On to the review.  It's good.  It's really good.  Actually I was kinda surprised that it was more "fruity" than "cheesecakey."  I was expecting kind of a big, overwhelming, overfilling kind of cheesecake richness.  But, not so!  I think I could have eaten the whole dang thing and not felt "full."

It was just the right mixture of fruit, creaminess, and good crustiness to make a perfect Summertime dessert.

I give it...


So, when The Mrs. got back home from getting her hair did, I told her that everybody on the worldwide computer was wondering about how to make this pie, and I asked her for the recipe. 

Basically what she said was, "I got it off A Taste of  Home.  But, tell everybody that I didn't use the phyllo dough for the crust because they didn't have it at the grocery store.  I just used a regular old frozen pie shell."

And, after I visited the link to the recipe myself, the comments noted that most folks didn't use phyllo dough, either.  Seems that many had used a graham cracker crust...so I'm figuring this recipe is not all that particular about tasting good, regardless of what kind of shell it comes wrapped in.

Anyway...here is that recipe.  Give it a try.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


  1. Cheesecake...one of my few true weaknesses.

  2. Dude, I am gonna make this myself with the pre-did crust, too.

    I'll let you know how it goes with its 466 calories per slice.

  3. Paul, I know you are quite the cook yourself. It was awfully good...all gone now. And, I know you are pants dragging, too...so dig in.

  4. Alas... I don't do ANYTHING that requires firing up that device known in most circles as an "oven," unless that device's name is preceded with the "microwave" modifier. ("Oven" is entirely too close to "coven," if'n ya think about it.)

    Life's been hard in the baked goods space since the maid/cook/accountant quit.

    But Dang! Mebbe I can convince one of DILs to give this a whirl. They'd do that, if they loved me.

  5. Thanks, Andy. I think I'll try it with Splenda instead of sugar and use sugar-free strawberry jam. And probably reduced-fat cream cheese -- the texture's a little different, but I'll just whip the life out of it. That oughta reduce the calories and carbs a whit.

    We aren't all as svelte as you and Buck!

  6. I don't know whether I want to eat that or bathe in it. Yum!


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