Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can somebody tell me what kind of tree this is? (UPDATED!)

(UPDATE:  Several visitors have given us the absolute facts on things...this is a Black Walnut Tree.  MUD, Dapper Dan, Walt, and Darrell all knew what it was.  I did not.  As a side note, I am thinking that the dude that asked me about it earlier this am really did know, and was just jerkin' my chain. Regardless, y'all are just fabulous for helping me out on this deal.  I love y'all all.  I mean it.  End of UPDATE)

It's in Kentucky.  If you know what it is, we'd like to also know what is inside those cocoony looking balls on it.

Inquiring minds need to know...

This is a little closer shot of the green balls/fruit/whatever.


  1. I have NO ideer. Google needs to work on an image identification and search feature for their next project.

  2. No clue. It looks like it'll be messy, though, when all those balloon-ish fruity things start falling. They look kinda like limes, but not the foliage.

    w/v: triblega. Maybe it's a triblega bush

  3. I vote for Black Walnut tree. The green things will drop off later on and turn black. I know people that fill pot holes with them and then after driving over them for a week or so go out and take the nuts out. It takes a good 3lb hammer to break them out of the shell then they aren't hardly edible. My grandmother made cookies with them and I hated them. Probably why she made them.

  4. Dangit, MUD! That's gotta be it! You are a stinkin' genius!!!

    I Goobled Black Walnut, and the pictures look just like what we were trying to figure out.

    Paul Mitchell will be proud!

  5. Mud's right. I've got one near my driveway. The walnuts fall, turn black, and make a filthy stain if you hit one with the car wheel.

    I've eaten walnuts but not the ones in the tree by my driveway. I've never eaten the candy, walnetto. But I assume it tastes like walnuts. Why did I bring up walnetto candy?

    Remember this from Laugh In: The dirty old guy who always said, "Wanna see my walnetto?" and then got whacked with the woman's purse?

  6. I'm pretty sure that is an Eastern Black Walnut, although many of the walnut trees look similarly.

    At first I was hoping it was a Buckeye, being as where it is located, but the leaves aren't right.

    Those outside things are really tough. The nut actually forms inside that, shell and all.

  7. MUD, and Walt...this is WAY COOL! Pam actually thought it was some kind of a Walnut, but was unsure.

    Actually her first thought was a Buckeye, but after looking at it UP CLOSE said "no."

    After I told her what it was she said, "Yes, my brother has one of those on the farm in Arkansas. The nut forms in there and it's really tough to get out."

    Y'all are THE BEST!

  8. Darn, I just logged on and everyone guessed it already. I got a black walnut tree in my back yard. I had gathered up a couple of 5 gallon buckets last fall and set the behind the shed. The squirrels have gotten them all out.

  9. My grandparents had a huge old black walnut tree in their backyard, I don't remember the leaves looking like that but it's been a long time!
    Man, those things are hard to crack and hard to pick out. My grandfather had the patience of Job and would get them all. My grandmother made the best durned teacakes in the world with black walnuts in them. Wow.

  10. Jim, I'll bet those teacakes were good. The Mrs. In-law makes teacakes still, but usually with pecans.

    The Mrs. knows how to do it, but as long as The Mrs. In-law does it, what's the point?

  11. A green one?

    Not real helpful, I know, but it's my best guess.

  12. Thanks folks, I knew it had to be a nut of some sort, but being from the South, I had never seen one. The bark resembles a pecan a whole bunch.

    NO! Kentucky is NOT the South!!! It is like 75 degrees right now!

  13. I saw that this morning and didn't have a clue so I came back to see if anyone had identified it. It doesn't look anything like the English walnut tree that I've got.

  14. Paul, several folks that knew it have them here in the South. But, don't feel bad. It stumped me, too.

  15. The green fruit will turn black and peel off revealing the nut inside. Squirrels love 'em.

  16. Kristin, I'm sure Paul will be just thrilled to hear that squirrels love 'em.

    I think he hates tree rats just as much as I do...this is gonna' be fun!

  17. Andy, there are not too many roof rabbits around here, but the next door neighbor's cat got one yesterday. I laughed like I did when I was four and had a Sunday paper and some Silly Putty.

  18. lol@ Paul.

    My aunt has one of these that overhangs her deck. A little "roof rabbit" decided to amuse himself by chucking the nuts down at us as we tried to enjoy dinner.


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