Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I didn't know they would do this...

I'll admit I'm not a regular turtle watcher, but I didn't know they would do this.

Stolen off Sailor Curt.


  1. That is cool, but how did the turtle get on his back in the first place?

  2. Lou, the guy filming the event probably flipped him over.

    Just a guess.

  3. Andy, here's a story for ya.

    And, they found the last one, too!


  4. Staci, that is RICH!

    "They're my heroes, you know. They found them and stuff, and they volunteered to come over and watch them for me if I go on vacation even," Shin said.

    Who knew that folks could get so attached to hard-shell critters? And, the quotes from the article are priceless. Seriously.

    Dude gave them a hundred bucks per??? Heck, if I was you, I'd just go over there and steal 'em tonight. I don't think they run very fast so you should be able to round 'em all up.

    Then, in a couple of days you could "find them"...like "in a pond somewhere," and haul 'em all back for the reward. ;)

  5. I think you're missing the obvious here: The turtle on its back is female and the guy is just helping her with her kama sutra.

  6. Bob: You are ever observant, my friend. I can't tell a boy from a girl. When it comes to turtles, I mean.


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