Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mensa Teaser...Thursday #3...

Well team, we did pretty dang good last Thursday with our Mensa questions.  Really, we did!  The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with Mensa questions, other than I'm pretty sure this fellow probably could have done just about as well with last weeks questions as most of you did.

However, week #2 was so way much better than week #1 that I almost turned loose water with excitement!  Really, I did!  Mitch (not his real name, obviously some plant from The Mayor's staff), Bunk Strutts (not his real name, obviously), and Mr Fnortner (not his real name, obviously...but maybe it is.  I'm not sure.) all answered the two amazingly impossible MENSA questions correctly.  That's pretty danged good in my book!  I'm is proud!

Inno, Steamboat McGoo, and Mahmoud (not their real names) all got one question correct!  Fabulous!  Pat yourselves on the back, or anywhere it feels good!

Nancy thought we were still trying to figure out what kind of tree grows in Kentucky, and has green balls.  She answered "Black Walnut."  Nyuk...

I like Nancy a lot.  I really do.

Really, I do.  Really.  But, unfortunately, you were wrong, Nancy.  (Not about the variety of tree...just EVERYTHING ELSE)  Sorry Nancy...don't pat any green balls.  Period.  C'mon...Ah loves ya', and you know I do...

So, lets us get on down to the brass tacks of Mensa Teaser questions for Week #3.

I can only give you one clue.  Do not wear a black T-shirt on a 100+ degree (F) day in Louisiana, and do not attempt to change out electric outlets in an old garage apartment that you are renovating without shutting off ALL THE POWER before you do it, especially if you are dripping sweat like a cotton-pickin' slave at Tara.  (I know, that is two consider yourself fortunate).

So, let's be about it...

1) Fill in the blanks to make common English words. The letters you put in the blanks, when read left to right, will spell out shorter words that all have something in common.  Please explain what those shorter words have in common.

T E _ P _ R_ _ U R E

_ U _ F L _ _ E R

A _ R _ _ I V _

H O _ E _ P A _ _ I C

_ _ L I G _ _ E

2) (Now here's y'all an even easier one)  Which number comes next in this series of numbers?


Okay, these are easy passes on a short drop. If y'all can't catch these, well...heck, I even answered these without looking at the answer key.

And, my blog is written by a chick...who writes like Stephen King...and posts "pie recipes."

Good luck, y'all!  And as always, thank y'all for your support in making Andy's Place the go-to place on the worldwide computer for boring content, and lame quizzes!


  1. 1. They all have vowels
    2. divisible only by one and its self: 17

    bonus for Miss Andy

  2. Nancy: "Vowels." Nyuk! 1/2 credit.

    Good video. I'm never gonna live the chick thing down, am I? Sigh...

  3. Mitch (no, really)July 15, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    1. Types of balls
    2. 17

  4. 1. They're all shorter.
    2. Pi. Pie?

  5. 1. They're all shorter.
    2. Pi. Pie?

  6. All the shorter words gots 'em four letters each.

    The fibbynacho sequence goes 1,1,2,3,5,8,13... So that ain't it. Maybe it's Barry trying to keep track o' how many commie czars he's hired... Naw... Dunno... But if I thought about it for a while I could come up with about 17 prime examples of what it isn't

  7. Andy, if you changed your "hugs & kisses" thing to "guns & kicks" it'd really help your manscore.

  8. Mensa? What's that? I run into burning buildings for heavens sake! Maybe the smoke has fried my brain! It seems to me that there are a bunch of letters missing from those words, Andy. :-)) And, and all the numbers are odd!! How'd I do?

  9. Inno: Thanks for the advice. I gotta change something around here for sure to up the testosterone ranking. Maybe I'll get Moogie to guest post.

    Paul, you definitely have the concept down pat. We're just gonna have to work on some of the details I reckon.

  10. Just let me pump a little iron before my guest post. I'm here for ya, bud -- remember, I have a picture of an actual firearm at my place! And pie, too. I'm confused.

  11. Moogie: Nyuk! At the moment when you least expect it, someone will walk up to you and say, "Smile! Andy just posted your work without your permission!"

    So, stay in shape, kiddo!!! You never know...


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