Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nyuk (#830)...The Taxman...

True story here.  I am in need of some information from the Internal Revenue Service that I can not lay my hands on.  So, a quick The Gooble Search© tells me that I need to fill out a Form 4506-T.

So, I downloaded the form, printed it out, filled in the blanks, etc.  On the second page of the form, it tells you where to file it, depending on where you live.  The form lists different addresses depending on where you reside to which you should mail the form. 

I started to just fax it, but since the form has some sensitive personal information on it, I decided that I didn't want it to fall in to the wrong hands, so I decided to spring for the 40-something cent postage stamp, and hand it over to the trustworthy folks at the United States Postal Service.

I just had to laugh when I went through the mailing instructions.  Seems like Mr. Gubmit IRS tax man classifies my locale along with Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and...


But, it don't hurt my feelings one bit.  Especially since they threw in the APOs & FPOs...


  1. I often think of Texas as a foreign country. A hostile foreign country.

  2. Ummm... the Texas tourist board (whatever their official name is) put out a whole series of teevee ads stating that Texas "is like a whole 'nuther country." And it is. It's a beautiful place, my adopted home.

    (Full disclosure: I may be docked in NM but I carry a TX drivers license, my cars have TX plates, and I vote in TX. I'm a tax exile.)

    Now... all THAT said: Mrs. Hippy really IS another country, of the Third World variety. That's personal experience talkin'.


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