Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Okay, so maybe we got some clarification on this deal...

This morning I posted a picture of Klan members on a Ferris wheel.  This thing has been bugging me all day, because it was so stinkin' bizarre that I couldn't quite wrap my rapidly balding cranium around it.

If this can be believed, we now know that this was a photo from Canon City, Colorado, snapped in 1926.  I've been to Canon City.  The only black folks that live there are at the State Penitentiary.  Why in the mortal goosenuggets they would need a Klan is past me.

The story is right here.



  1. In the 20's the klan had a huge comeback, I mean millions of members. They had a huge march in Washington, lots of congressmen and government officials.
    Despite its roots and despite its future, at that time it was almost like a giant social club.
    It took a rest for a couple of decades, came back in the late 50's and into the 60's and we know the results of that.

  2. I just emailed you a couple of pitchers of the Washington marches.

  3. And Woodrow Wilson had a bunch to do with the early resurgence, too.

    I had no clue that Colorado was in the South. How stupid am I?

  4. Geography has changed since the '20s.

  5. I think Mr. Forsythe must have had a screw or two loose.


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