Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometime when you least expect it, some electronic chigger-byte deal may walk up to you and say..."Smile! Your blog REALLY SUCKS!"

I signed up for a The Gooble Alert© a good while back that was set up to let me know when somebody on the worldwide computer linked to this Titanic of a blog.  I honestly don't think it works.  I mean, Andy's Place has been linked to thousands of times at least twice since I set up The Gooble Alert© , and I've not received one notification of such linkage. 

So, once again, The Gooble is WRONG! Just sayin'...

But, today I got a The Gooble Alert© that Andy's Place had been linked to. Miracle of all miracles, The Gooble found this one! We have been linked to by some "blog evaluation" deal that ranks a bunch of junk by a bunch of numbers and stats that I really don't understand. It is something called $ I'm pretty sure that it's just some miserable guys in their Momma's basement trying to sell you something to increase the value of your computer page.

Which I am not interested in doing. I have ZERO aspirations of ever making a solid nickel, or even a Yankee dime off this rapidly sinking ship.  But, it did remind me of just how insignificant, and how tiny this little grain of sand on the virtual beach really is.

(click on it to see the big picture)

The good folks at $ are most likely right.  This venture has certainly "performed Poorly."  (In more ways that one)

And, they are also right that it is only worth $2227.  (That's American Dollars, I'm assuming).

I'll take it.  Anybody that wants to pay me $2227 (USD) can have the super-secret password, and full access to this empire.

I will take cash, check, money order, Western Union, or PayPal.  Or, will trade for yardwork.


  1. Me = Poorly, too. I would take 25% of my site's value.

  2. Paul, just out of curiosity, what did this deal e$timate your value at?

  3. My page rank and backlinks were the same as yours, but the other values were different. Mine was worth a little over 23k.

  4. Well, you have certainly invested much more intellectual property than have I'm did. Congrat's, TD!


  5. At one time my blog was allegedly worth almost 293k. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  6. Oh yeah...I remember them good old days. Seems like decades ago. Back when people had money, and Two Dogs wore his ball cap backards...

    That was before ObozO became ouba' dictrator.

    But hang in there...I reckon we've got to. BTW...I didn't notice you offering to purchase this failboat. I'll sell it. Really, I will.

  7. I offered mine to you at 25% of the fair market price. Why you no takee?

  8. Broker than Dick's Hat Band, and The Ten Commandments.

  9. What you need is a SYSTEM to make free money online! And I know just the person to sell it to you, too!


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