Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yeah, but you shoulda seen the other guy!

From The Shreveport Times:

Mark Allen Longenecker DOB 12/22/1965 Booked June 11 Charge: Aggravated assault, disturbing the peace, simple criminal damage to property, in-state fugitive.

It looks to me like he did that "simple criminal damage to property" with his own face!


  1. Man, that's a big old shiner. Funny how so many 'tough guys' end up staring at you from a sheriff's photo.

  2. And he'll prolly find hissef a jailhouse bubba who kin make him squeal like a pig ;-)

  3. I think he probably had some "assistance" with the damage to his mug. If he had been arrested in New Orleans, I'm pretty certain he would have had assistance.


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