Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Okay, I can post this now.

(Editorial note:  Regular visitors might remember that about a month ago, I published a post that The Mrs. asked me to take down.  I complied at once.  But, now that my son has taken the first legal steps in this, I feel leave to post it.  Many of you have already read it, and I appreciate your kind concern.  I think I'm gonna close the comments on this one.  Just wanted y'all to know part of what's going on with my family,  I wrote this on a Sunday morning, so it might seem out of place.)

Let me just share a bit of personal junk.  About a half a dozen of y'all that visit this Titanic here know some of the issues that my beloved eldest son has been dealing with in his marriage for the past few years.  I have been reluctant to share too much about it for a couple of reasons.  

The first reason is that my personal and family struggles are not unique.  No, they are quite common in the human experience, so there is very little interesting about them.  I mean, who wants to read about junk they already know about?

And, of course there is the "dirty laundry" thing.  But, I feel compelled for some reason this morning to open up a little bit.  I felt leave to do so after seeing that my daughter-in-law had plastered her The Facebook page with many of the details herself.  

I fashion myself to be a loving, and forgiving soul.  But, even if that is not true I do know for certain that I am a person of compassion, and pity.  It is this "pity" that has provided grace to not explode, and keep my tongue in check as I have watched a woman nearly destroy a very fine young man.  My very fine young man.

I have watched as her shenanigans have almost cost him his career twice, and once drove him to the edge of a personal meltdown.  My grace bucket has a hole in it now, and it is all run out.  Fortunately, his has, too.  I say "fortunately" with a heavy heart.  I have never experienced the pain of divorce, but I know from testimony of others that it truly is like a death.  Even if you know that you know that you know that you have done everything in your power to hold it together, you still feel like a big failure.

Having not experienced it myself, I can only trust the counsel of friends and family.  And almost in unison that is the story that I hear.  So, Daddy hurts for his baby boy.

 He will be 30 years old in a few weeks.  Man, how did that little rascal get to be 30 so quick?

As a father (and you fathers will understand), I wish that there was a way that I could just carry this for him.  But, I guess the best I can do is just carry it with him.

It seems like I am doing a lot of this lately, but I am imposing on you all again for your prayers for my son.  He is in the hardest spot of his life, I'm sure.  

If American Airlines called me and told me that they would jet me to any destination on the planet at no charge today, I would choose Omaha. 

There is nothing about this that is going to be easy.  In fact, it is likely to be extremely messy.  But, I guess you gotta make a mess to accomplish nearly anything worth accomplishing.

And, I guess The Mrs. and I will be assigned cleanup duty.  And, that's okay with us.  In fact, we volunteer!

Well, aren't you glad you stopped by Andy's Place today?

Bummer, huh?

Look y'all, I'm gonna get through my recent funk.  I appreciate you all putting up with me, and my Gloomy Gus self lately.  I learned a long time ago that the one thing that is certain is that whatever situation you find yourself in, it will change.  Up, or Down, they're gonna swap places eventually.

Well look, y'all have a great what's left of the weekend!  Go find something funny to read somewhere, and e-mail me a link to it. 

And oh yeah, don't forget that "The Gooble Is Wrong!"  I haven't reminded y'all about that lately, and I don't want none of y'all forgetting it!  

Okay, that's all.

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