Thursday, September 2, 2010

Morning chuckle...

Hey y'all!

Been too busy to post, but I've got a good one coming up on Saturday.  Maybe Sunday.  Not sure.

Later,  Andy


  1. I didn't really trust you, but you came through! And this is really clever!

  2. I was hesitant to click the link thinking something might scream and scare me, but I pulled myself together and hit the link. It was funny.

  3. Love it. Darrell is a good guy!

  4. I hit the link because Mrs. Andy assured me you had been properly disciplined for scaring the goobers outta me. I just love your wife!

    That was a great link! Thanks Andy!


  5. First rule of blogging...

    When ya' got nothin', link the deal you read right after you realize ya' got nothin'. (Works every time)

    Darrell is a good guy, as Jim of the best!

    Moogie, I really have wormed my way in to the role of "The Little Boy That Cried Wolf," but I'm trying to erase that image.

    JW, you have no idea the beatdown that took place. I shoulda' taped it for proof. Thanks, JW. Thanks a lot!


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