Sunday, September 26, 2010

So, I figured I'd better go check Daddy's office...

Well, I am trying to get all the grass cut for the last time this season.  Really, there's not much to cut.

I have a pretty good rememberer, and I can't remember a September in NW Louisiana that has been so hot.  Or, so dry.

Seriously, even the weeds are shriveling up.  But, everything looks like ratty crap, and a good trimming, edging, and scalping should last us until March.

Anyway, I figured I'd better go check Daddy's office (or Mom's domain in Daddy's office), just to see if there had been some more leakage after the clean up I did yesterday.  Sure enough, there was a little small puddle on the floor, but nothing major...just a "one towel job."

As I was getting ready to leave I happened to look up.  The 8' fluorescent bank light is just hanging from the wiring.  The toggle bolts that held it have ripped through the rock.

That whole ceiling is gonna have to be replaced.  I just stood there shaking my head at the moron with no plunger.

Momma is gonna be mad.



  1. Charge him for the work. And tell him to start eating better.

  2. Momma ain't gonna be that nice.

    Trust me, she's gonna be more than half-way ready to evict when she sees this mess.

    Momma is to be trusted. Always.

  3. Aiiieee. Worse gets worser. I feel for ya, Andy. And your Mama and Daddy, too.

  4. Ifin Momma ain't happy; nobody is happy! Words to live by!

  5. I'm about to head out for the first mow of the winter. We only stop mowing when the grass goes to sleep for the summer, which we didn't have this year, so the mowing hasn't stopped.

    Sorry for your developments, Andy.

  6. Oooh. I wouldn't want to be around when Momma gets home.

    And, yet, I re-repeat: you're a good son, Andy.


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