Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Beat Goes On...


WE'RE #2, HEY!  WE'RE #2!

Just since yesterday we have moved up one place on The Yahoo! search that almost nobody uses.

I'm iz proud!

This here "searcher" hails from Omaha, Nebraska.  Wait a oldest son lives in Omaha!

Wait a minute...

Maybe he's just checking in on his Daddy.  I mean, it's not like he sent me a card on Father's Day, or nothing...

But, he is deploying to Iraq in a few weeks, so maybe he decided to look me up before he goes over there to cheat certain death.

Yeah.  That's probably it...


  1. Balad? Or do you know?

    Godspeed, in any event.

  2. Definitely Godspeed.

    You mean he didn't call you, collect, on Father's Day?

  3. Thanks for the Godspeed!

    Nope...he did call me though. He's got a cellular telephone.

    But, he forgot my birthday. Heck, it was kinda nice not to be reminded.

    He's a good son...

  4. My son couldn't tell you my birthday on a bet! Sometime in June is as close as he would get.

  5. That's pretty dang good, Jim! My oldest son's birthday is THREE days from mine.

    And, did I get a card? A call? Heck no! I've been told that it's the mark of a fabulous Father to be forsaken on such's like they remember all the important wisdom and junk you've imparted, not the MOST IMPORTANT DAYS OF THE YEAR...FATHER'S DAY, AND MY BIRTHDAY!

  6. This has nothing to do with this blog post at all, but since you were talking about N.O.W. not too long ago . . I see that some of your fellow alumni are being honored at Bossier High. Guess who is on the list:
    Kim Gandy - An advocate for women's rights armed with a law degree from Loyola University, Gandy has served as president of the National Organization of Women and speaks out on women's rights throughout the nation.

    Y'all didn't date or anything did you? Just asking . . .

  7. Jimbo, I had to look it up to believe it! Yes indeed! BHS shall honor Kim Gandy tomorrow night. Too bad I'll be occupied working on my belly button lint figurines...

    To answer your question...naw! According to the wickedpedia, Kim is about 5 years older than me, so I missed out on knowing her. But, I'll bet my Sis did.

    Seems we're also honoring Voss Whittington. Hey, I think they named a street after him...maybe...

    Allen Duchesne...a fine man...

    Robert Adley. Nyuk...

    And, Rick Rowe. Not sayin' nothin' there...good guy...not sayin' nothin' else there...

    And, there are some other good ones.

    I've got to be honest, Jimbo. I NEVER knew that Kim Gandy was from around here until you mentioned it a few days ago. I guess I was absent for a couple of decades. And to know that she is a BHS gives me pause. Truly it does.


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