Friday, October 29, 2010

It's time to pony up!


It's that time again!  Thanks TD for reminding me that it's time to DIG DEEP, and support the Soldier's Angels Project!

I had a little trouble deciding whether to join the Air Force, or the Army team this year, seeing as I've got one of each this time around.  But, I settled back on the Air Force team.  We will not likely win.  Again.  I mean, the sheer numbers are against us.  But, we're gonna give 'er another shot!

The truth is that NOBODY loses when they raise money for the Soldiers' Angels VALOUR-IT Project.  So, break out the drastic plastic, and run it to the max!

You can certainly hit the little green button at the top of the sidebar that says, "Learn More."  But, just go ahead on and hit the "Give Now" button first.  Then GIVE!

Also, I'm inviting other bloggers to join in this fabulous effort.  You can pick any branch to support in the competition, and post a link.  I don't care.  Just help us out, okay?  Even if you don't have a blog, you can send a link to about two thousand of your closest e-mail buddies.

The donation box will remain at the top of the sidebar throughout the competition.  It'll be there for a while.  So, if you're a little short right now, you can hang in until pay day, and then do your part.

God bless our troops, and God bless these folks for what they do!

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