Monday, October 25, 2010

Just in case you don't read EDSBS...


Cam Newton stars in "Unstoppable."



  1. Who does not read EDSBS? Communist Abortionists?

  2. It may surprise you to know this, TD...but there are STILL a few right thinking folks that do not.

    I was stunned to find that out recently. STUNNED, I tells ya'!

    But, for the most part you're right.

  3. But, I thought that everyone loved college footbaw? Next thing you'll tell me is that Smartest President in History ain't too swuft.

  4. Oh, he's swuft alright! Did you see Inno's takeoff on "I Got A Name?"

    Dude, when I heard "putting it down the fairway" I almost choked. He's swuft alright.

    But back to the original deal here...there are actually folks that love college football that have not heard of EDSBS. Crud, the other night I was looking at the four letter moron Mouseburger talking with Strikherb, and he said something like, "I think there's a blog out there called I Wish Every Day Was Saturday," or something like that. I just laughed!

    I saw the EDSBS guys took note the next day. Nyuk!

    So, I guess only communists abortioninsts, and ESPN anchor folks don't know about it. Now.

  5. Andy, The Four Letter guys are Communist Abortionists. I just hope they do not kill my scoreboard.

  6. Eat Delicious Shredded Beef Sandwiches?

  7. EDSBS is new to me. But then again, I'm more of a Big Ten fan and not one of The True Believers (which should have a service mark, if nuthin' else). I also build my altars to Nordic kinda Gods.

    But that Newton kid? Freakin' awesome. The Iron Bowl will be a great one this year.

  8. Iron Bowl -- this might be one year I'm not unhappy that the Iron Bowl displaced the Battle For the Boot from the Friday after Thanksgiving.

  9. Good try, Andy.

    Buck, and Moogie: Indeed! It shall be a knock-down-drag-out. I don't want to curse anybody, but 'Bama will REALLY have to score a lot of points, and have the breaks fall their way to survive.

    Moogie, on the battle for the boot...well...we'll get around to that soon enough. ;)


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