Sunday, October 3, 2010

An update to previous post...


Our good buddy, Innominatus whined commented that if his beloved Oregon State Beavers (nyuk...what a name for a team) had not been so retarded, and scheduled two top 10 teams for out of conference match-ups, instead of a traditional cream puff opening schedule, then they would likely be 4-0, and in consideration for the crappiest currently undefeated team.  

His actual words were:  ..."Least Deserving to Still be Undefeated Award."

Now, without stating the obvious...that TCU & Boise scheduled Oregon State because they wanted to start with cream puffs, I have decided to grant a special dispensation, suspend the rules, and allow Oregon State the honor of participating.

Since I am in total control of Sunday Morning Quarterback (on the rare occasions it runs), I declare Oregon State shall be awarded wins in those games, added to the list, and inserted at #16

16)  Oregon State

Okay, so I vote for the Beavers.  Hands down.  No doubt, the crappiest on the list.

I hope you're happy now, Inno.  Don't bother to thank me...I live to serve.

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  1. Sheesh, Andy! Beavers don't do anything but tear up the forest! They're just buck toothed, fat, flat tailed RATS!! They should be sitting at, ohhh, let's say about maybe....120!! But 16?? Stink'n Beavers!
    (Sorry, Andy, but if you don't live in Eugene, Corvallis or thereabouts, it's hard to explain, but you probably know the deal)


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