Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to get a friend to "finally" come by and see you...


Yesterday, I posted this "Pie Chart" on my The Facebook website.  I don't remember who I stole it from now, but if it was you, "Thanks!"

Said Pie Chart opened up a discussion between Facebook Friends, which eventually ended with The Mrs. promising one of her world famous, home-made buttermilk pies to our friend, Jim.  (Not just a virtual friend, btw).

Well, I've been trying to get Jim to come by and visit for several months.  But, he's always "too busy."  Yeah...SURE!

Well...The Mrs. knows how to get folks to come by the house.

World Famous Buttermilk Pie!

Hey Jimbo!  Get out that fancy computer camera of yours, and make us up our own time-lapse pie chart, okay?

It was good to see you, Buddy.  Don't be a stranger...


  1. That Mrs. Andy is one clever lady! And, it appears, a heckuva cook!

  2. Moogie, the pie is delicious. I had one little piece so far and part of another! I had eaten her buttermilk pie before, and if you look pitiful enough and beg some you're sure to get one!
    Of course, she told me that the recipe makes two pies so Andy's lobbying for me to get a pie wasn't altogether altruistic.
    Seriously, thanks to Andy and Mrs. Andy for a lot more than the pie. Their encouragement and friendship means a lot.

    Hey Moogie - GEAUX TIGERS!!

  3. Never eaten a buttermilk pie or heard of buttermilk pie but all this buttermilk pie talk has me on a mission to either buy a buttermilk pie somewhere(??) or get married again and hope the heck this one can bake a pie...buttermilk pie that is.

  4. Moogie, "clever" is a good word to describe The Mrs. I shall leave it at that.

    Jimbo, I failed to mention the extra pie deal. I just got in from work, and plan to start working on my own pie chart. Soon.

    Mahmood: Good to hear from you again. I think you can buy buttermilk pies at grocery store delis. I've never bought one, but they look pretty good. It's kinda' like a custard pie, but sweeter.

    Heck, I'll post the recipe, and you can bake one yourself. Really, you can. The Mrs. made a home-made crust for these two pies, but usually she just uses the frozen ones from The WalMart.

  5. I think the idea of buying a pie (or making one) is a whole lot more cost-effective than getting married again!

  6. I thought that looked like homemade, hand-turned crust!! I'm more and more impressed!

    Poor, confused Jim. The pie must've gotten to you. It's not geaux tiggers -- it's Woo Pig Soooie!


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