Monday, November 1, 2010

Just showin' off...

It's always fun/interesting/whatever to me to see a blog buddy post (with humility, of course), when they hit the top of the GoobleCharts in search results.

Two Dogs almost always has the "nude chick," and "College Gameday" market cornered.

Yesterday, our buddy Buck let us know that he tops the "Happy Hour Soundtrack" crowd.  Congrats, dude!

And, we've well chronicled here at Andy's Place how often we smear the rest in terms like "midget wrestling," "naked midget wrestlers,"  "Elena Kagan nude," "male stripper," and various other important subjects.

So, here's our newest #1.  Some racist joker passed through here last night, searching for this:

(Click on it for the big picture).

Actually, the post that the joker landed on contained a little message from Corch JoePa.


  1., why would anyone search for that? JoePa is almost dead, leave him be.

  2. Mercy. Is JoePa still physically capable of experiencing emotions?

  3. I try and tell myself that your sort of troglodytes (in the sense of those who search for this shit and end up at your place) are all dead and gone. And then reality hits me in the face and it isn't pleasant. Thank The Deity At Hand I don't actually KNOW anyone like that.

  4. Yeah Buck...I get these every the dozens.

    It's the sidebar. For some reason, The Gooble Search loves the sidebar. I've had that "...Nigger Lover!" comment up there forever. And, The Gooble picks it up every time some jackass searches for anything nigger.

    The particular post that gets hit always has ZERO to do with things racial (well, for the most part). It's just that Google loves Blogger sidebars so much! Heck, it loves sidebars so much that I get hits on things like "dipso," "exile," "moogie," "bliss," "basil," ...seriously, it picks up the titles from my "blog read" deal in the sidebar...adds them to the subjects of posts, and sends them my way.

    I've thought about just deleting the "Nigger lover" deal to halt all of that. But, it was one of my favorite comments. It came on MLK's birthday when I posted his "I have a dream" speech. It was my first comment from a retard on this hyar blog! It's kinda like hanging your first dollar bill on the cafe wall...


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