Saturday, November 6, 2010



Okay, a perdiction...Tigers 21 - Tide 18.  The tiny bit of coonass in me won't let me be all mathematical, or objective, and junk.


  1. How large do you predict the security contingent will be for ol' Nick at Death Valley?

  2. Just watched Yer Boys score. Good On 'Em. Your prediction ain't beyond the realm of possibility at this point.

  3. Andy, you were respectably close in your guess!

  4. Jim, my "guess?"

    Nyuk! Sure, I swung low, but the spread was spot-on.

    I'm a genius.

    But it won't matter much. It does feel good to get a big win against a VERY GOOD conference rival, but knowing how things will likely shake out...

    Well...we're probably gonna settle for an 11-1 season, and not play the big 'un.

    Seriously though...I'm more and more of a believer. I thought we'd have our best effort of the season, and we surely did. Some detractors out there (that shall remain nameless) were spewing at halftime how we didn't have any offense.

    Well, some old guy from Benton reminded me in a quote from Corch Bryant (might have been Corch Lombardi...not sure) that offense sells tickets, and defense wins championships.

  5. If they lost to ULM next week I won't say a word, because I will know that it is part of the Mad Hatter's master plan.
    We have an offense after all!!


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