Friday, November 5, 2010

Taking the safe route...

Please don't be mad, Corch Bryant! 

But, I'm not picking any winners for Satidy.  Oh, I could go REAL safe, and pick all the favorites.  But that's no fun.  Truth is, I look for a couple of upsets, but I'm not calling 'em.

I'm just gonna enjoy the games without the pressure of pulling for one or the other.

Big game for my beloved LSU Tigers against 'Bama.  I say we play very well...maybe our best effort of the season to date.  I just hope it'll be enough.  If it is, I say that we run the table and end up 11-1.

That's it.  

Nothing profound. 

I know it's the chicken's way out.

But, that's it.


  1. Hey Andy, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Chickens too. Good luck to your LSU Tiggers. Oops. Tigers. I think they have a real shot at Bama.

  2. Y'all got the Razorhawgs at the end, too.

    Klansingtonville African American Bears, too.

  3. Thanks Dan.

    Yeah TD, I know. If we're good enough to beat St. Nick (?), the rest will be a breeze.

  4. Better watch out for strong winds rushing down the valley from the Ozarks. It can knock you off your feet on a chilly Thanksgiving weekend!

    Our game against the old ball coach's barnyard fowl should be interesting, too. I hope in a good way.

  5. I WILL be watching your game tomorrow. Good luck to your Tigers.

    All this "good luck" stuff will change IF you run the table and IF you happen to end up at #2... which are COSMIC "ifs." I'm warning you right now. ;-)

  6. Geaux Tigers!
    Moogie - I would NEVER predict an Arkansas-LSU game. If one team was 11-0 and the other 0-11 the 0-11 would win! I swear!
    When they are both doing pretty well (so far) I wouldn't begin to guess - but I always enjoy it.

  7. You're right about that, Andy! And I shall be at the tailgate!


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