Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Weather in Northwest Louisiana...


The current conditions:

Yep!  70's today, headed for a high of 80.  And, the same is forecast for tomorrow.

Mercy!  It is November 23!


Yep!  That there is an eggplant ready for harvesting in The Mrs.' garden.  There are actually 5 of them on that one plant.  On.  November.  23rd.



  1. Same weather in the 'burbs of Jackson, MS. Freakin' too hot to go hunting (which won't stop me later this week). If I don't talk to you again, have a Happy Thanksgiving, Andy.

  2. Today, 49 degrees. Tomorrow, low 30s and light snow. Turkey Day, 32 degrees and sunny.

    Less than 60 minutes to the west...teens, snow, 50-60 mph winds and a blizzard warning ;)

    It's winter somewhere...

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You know, it's late November in South GA, and the &%$#! gnats are still out buzzing around various facial orifices. Did I mention or infer that I REALLY hate gnats? What we need now is a hard freeze to kill 'em all! Maybe they won't be so bad next summer. I hate gnats. The biggest thing with them, is where did they land right before they flew up your nose?

  4. Boogie, and Skunks, thanks! Happy Thanksgiving back at y'all! Yeah, Skunks, I saw that it got blistering cold in your parts, but even worse west. I remember that kind of weather, and do not care to return to it.

    Just sayin'...

    Paul, c'mon! A little extra protein does a body good. Yeah we've really had a weird Fall...real nice though, for the most part.

    It's odd, though. You get a warm-up like this (not gonna be a record high btw), and the skeeters, honey bees, and even red wasps reappear. Yep! Saw a wasp while I was in the garden.

    Weird...but not unheard of.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Paul! You gonna have a pool party?

  5. Pushing 80 here with the AC back on. I took a long walk the other day and saw so many things in bloom that I thought I might have slept til spring!

    Pretty eggplant!

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  6. "Mom, the southerners are hogging all the warmth again!"

  7. Yeah, Inno. I saw you guys were getting some nasty stuff. But, ours will come soon enough.

    Tornadoes ahead of this cold front, ice storms, etc. Sigh...

  8. 70's today, headed for a high of 80. And, the same is forecast for tomorrow.

    C'mon Andy! AlGore & Co. have been tellin' us and tellin' us and tellin' us ALL about this. You act you're surprised or sumthin'.

    The forecast is only for 61 today here on THPoNM. I'll have to put on a sweatshirt for Happy Hour. Dang.

  9. We Coloradans win the prize. We're expecting a low of 3 degrees tomorrow night.

  10. You dobn;t have to worry about tornadoes until tomorrow, Andy. That's when we'll be driving north through the cold front. It's always such fun to drive beneath a blustery green sky.

  11. Bragger! It's 25F in the PNW right now. Supposed to drop to 14F overnight. Golly, gee.

  12. Andy, the only cold around is my pool water! Go figger. Inno, you're right, hogg'n the hot weather, but I'd just as soon be in Roseburg or Port Orford as Valdosta, GA! Go Ducks!!

  13. Bob, Skunkfeathers is also a Coloradan, and he's gonna get hammered just like you. I remember those days...remember 'em well. Good luck, y'all!

    BR, that's cold for your neck of the woods, isn't it? I mean, I know it gets that cold, but isn't this a little early?

    Paul, thems is fightin' words to the Innoman...I mean the "Ducks" deal. Ought to be an interesting weekend around those parts.


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