Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well, Black Friday proved a couple of things...


I got in to a big, deep argument discussion with my younger brother on Thanksgiving day regarding college football.  Now, I love my baby brother...truly I do...but he knows absolutely ZERO about college football, yet thinks himself to be an expert.  Heck, he actually offered to bet money a couple of months back when he couldn't remember the name of Georgia's head corch.  I told him it was Mark Richt.  "NO, that's not it!"  I politely told him that it was, indeed.  Yet, he continued to insist that I was wrong, and that if he heard the name of the corch, he'd know it.  So, I said again, "Mark Richt."  

"NO, that's not it!"  So, I dropped it.

Well, yesterday's argument discussion involved his expert opining on just how bad the mid-major conference guys get screwed.  And, of course, the pony he was riding was Boise.  "It just ain't right!  I mean, these guys have proven over, and over, and over just how good they are.  They've got the longest winning streak in the nation.  They have offered to schedule ANYBODY from the SEC, or the Big XII, or even the Big 10...but nobody will put them on the schedule, because they're afraid of them."

Then it ends with "Heck, they beat Virginia Tech...and Virginia Tech is gonna win the ACC!" 

My response was pretty bland, because I didn't really want to make him look like an idiot in front of everybody..."Well, they don't play nobody!"  Then I vaguely acknowledged that Boise's biggest win this season came against VT, who also lost to James Madison.  Yes, James Madison has his own football team, and he beat Virginia Tech.  Good on him!

Anyway, Black Friday proved a couple of things.  The monors that vote in college football polls that placed Boise anywhere near the Top Ten are either just as ignorant as my brother about college football, or really, really, really hate the sport.  When your toughest competition gets beat by James Madison, and you get humiliated by the second best team in your weak conference...well...just dry up.  Stop your bitchin' and moanin' about how you don't get no respect. 

You're a VERY good mid-level program.  And, perhaps one day there will be a playoff system that will allow you to see just how difficult it would be for you if you played in a major conference.  But, please shut up about how you're getting screwed by the system.  The "system" is the only thing that put you where you were before you got beat by those other guys.  If you had to play in the SEC, you'd be lucky to finish 7-5.  If you played in the Big 10, you might end up better than 8-4 in the Big XII either...and 10-2 in the Pac-10.

It's just the truth...and Black Friday proved it.

Another thing got proved yesterday.  The fact that Auburn is rated #2, and 'Bama #12 is further evidence that true three-eyed retards are in charge of things.  There is ZERO doubt in my mind that Auburn is the best team in the nation...that LSU is #2, 'Bama #3, Oregon #4, Ohio State #5, Wisconsin #6, Nebraska #7, Arkansas #8, and Boise #27.  TCU probably falls somewhere between The Hawgz & Broncos...probably about #26.  But, they will retain a high ranking anyhow.  Why?  Because morons that hate the game of football get to vote in polls, and they face the worst team in the nation on Saturday (No, not USC...New Mexico...well, maybe they're not the worst team in the nation...they did beat Wyoming.  By 3).

As things are shaping up right now, it will likely end up Auburn v. Oregon in the BCS Championship.  When we humiliate Arkansas tomorrow, LSU will likely get to play against TCU...and I would relish that.  It will be so fun to watch that 50 point per game offense of TCU score 13, and walk away understanding just what it would be like to play against a real defense week in, and week out.

Well...that is all... 


  1. My family was happy with A&M's win Thursday night, but said they were going to cheer for OU rather than OSU. I took that personally, packed up my tamales and went home.

  2. You're putting The Ohio State University too high at #5. I would put TCU ahead of the Buckeyes.

  3. Nice rant and there's SOME truth in it. But I tend to fall down with Rumsfeld on this subject... there's unknowns you don't know. And you don't know, you're only speculating. Bring on the playoff system.

    Lou: Heh!

  4. Of course, every monor knows that only SEC fans know anything about football. :)

    I like your hypothetical poll, Andy, but guess what? Polls suck. The BCS sucks. Speculating on who's the best sucks. Football shouldn't be some kind of beauty pageant.

    I'm with Buck on this.

    BTW, Utah 31, Alabama 17...just a couple years ago when 'Bama nearly went to the phony BCS national championship game.

    Let's all quit talking, guessing, posturing, posing, etc. and bring on the playoffs...

  5. Andy, I think your rankings are right on the money. Except I didn't see the 'Dores anywhere in there. Would they be at least at #27 ahead of Boysie, oops, Boise?

  6. Hi! Just droppin' in to say 6:09 to go in the fourth... it ain't looking good for LSU. But there's stil a lot o' football left, eh? ;-)

    (I almost said "lot o' hockey," programmed as I am.)

  7. All I have to say is.... WOOOOOOOO PIG SOOOOOIIIIEEEE!!!!!


  8. Hey y'all! Thankfully, I had to work today, and did not see much of the game.

    I'm giving the Hawgz all the credit they truly deserve. Excellent effort. It was, of course, a game with blown chances, and calls that could have shifted the tide. But, that's lace 'em up, and USUALLY the best team wins.

    And, The Hawgz were the best team on the field today. Sure, they got some breaks, but that's football. They showed up ready to play...overcame mistakes...and did it against a VERY good 10-1 team. Congrats.

    Dadman...I have LONG been an advocate of a playoff. I honestly think it would be much better for the game. And, I also think that it would end up just about like it does now with the BCS. But, the difference is that the "game" would decide it all, and not morons with a vote. I really do think that almost all of the former BCS champs would have ended up champs in a playoff...but nobody would have any room to bitch.

    Dan, I'm sorry that I forgot to rank the Commodes. But, I'd bet that they could beat dang near everybody in the Mountain West, or the WAC. If they didn't have to play in the SEC, I'm sure they'd be bowl eligible every season.

  9. Hi, Andy.

    You got all nice and sportsmanlike on me, so now I must be all sweet and ladylike and stuff.


    There were some bad calls on both sides (inappropriate injury click stoppage, for example). Both teams made mental errors, but, in the end Hog fans were pretty dang happy that y'all brought the B team defense. I thought it was an amazingly entertaining game, even if the broadcast crew was a little loopy.

    I'm ready for a playoff system, too. I don't like it when computers try to tell me how to spell or construct a sentence, and I don't like it any better when they try to rank football teams without an intuitive element. It's like an old Star Trek computer vs human or Spock (logic) vs Kirk (emotions) premise. The sooner a playoff system is instituted, the better.

    On a personal note, an LSU vs TCU bowl would be VERY interesting at Moogie's. SIL is a rabid Tigers fan, having been born in NOLA and having most family still there, but he's also a TCU grad and is defensively passionate about the Frogs. If those teams were to play, his head might explode and Elder Daughter would be a premature widow!

    Finally -- WHAT DeANNA said!!!!

  10. Hey Moogie! Onest again on your Hawgz...Congrats! It feels good to win. And y'all had a dang fine season against some of the toughest of the tough.

    Of course, y'all only faced a schedule with now 8 bowl eligible opponents...but losing to the #1 team in the nation , and to the reigning national champs...

    And, legitimately beating up on a very good defense (who faced 9 now bowl eligible opponents)...well...fax is fax.

    If I had the energy, I'd post the mathematical rundown I did today of all the real football teams... LSU, Oregon, Boysee, TCU, and Arkansas, Ohio State, Nebraska, etc. (v. their opponents' strong v. weak schedules...and it would prove without a doubt that nobody outside the SEC should be in a BCS Bowl game, except for Ohio State, and Nebraska.

    But, I just don't have it in me.

  11. I believe you, Andy! Couldn't we just leave Ohio St out of any discussion forever and forever?

    I hope you have a better week all 'round, dear friend.

  12. Nyuk! As much as I'd like to drop them, the Buckeyes had an impressive season...I think their best in several years.

    And, thanks for the good wishes. I am optimistic about the week, and appreciate the love.

  13. If I had the energy, I'd post the mathematical rundown I did today of all the real football teams... LSU, Oregon, Boysee, TCU, and Arkansas, Ohio State, Nebraska, etc. (v. their opponents' strong v. weak schedules...and it would prove without a doubt that nobody outside the SEC should be in a BCS Bowl game, except for Ohio State, and Nebraska.

    This is precisely the kind of speculation that has no real place in a real sport. When it comes to deciding champions it needs to disappear forever. Just sayin'

  14. Well Dadman, until we get a playoff system, speculation shall be allowed 'round these here parts.

    It is what it is, and until it changes, I'm gonna' cipher, and figger, and blow-viate! Nyuk...

  15. Knock yourself out, but don't expect me to like it... :>)

  16. Dadman: Nyuk! Okay, no expectations. I mean, I know you only come around here out of pity anyway...but ah loves it that ya' do, anyway!


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