Monday, December 27, 2010

Have you ever vacuumed your head with an Oreck XL canister vacuum cleaner?


Well, neither had I until about a half an hour ago. 

As y'all all know, I went with a buzz cut back a while ago, and I truly love it.  In fact, I've gone from using a #2, to using a #1 since then (on advice from Walt).  Heck, I'm thinking about just using bare clippers every morning.

Really, I am.

Anyway, I needed a cut because all the hubub of holidays have prevented me from personal grooming.  I told The Mrs. that it was time, because my hair was in that really funky "in between" stage where those wiry gray ones spike out one way, and the few still brown ones lay down.

Honestly, I just looked retarded. 

So, it was time. 

So, she says, "It's too cold to do it outside."  Now, that is NEVER a good thing to hear (no matter what "it" she's talking about).  But, she was right, so she shorn me down inside.  There was junk everywhere, so she says, "Sit still!  I'll be back in a minute."  Here she comes back with our Oreck® XL canister vacuum cleaner, and starts sucking fine, gray/brown/mousy-looking pieces of what was once hair all off me...the floor...the fancy clippers ($15 at The WalMart), etc.

She did a fine job, for sure.  But, I could still see a bunch of crap laying sideways on my beautiful head, so I decided to use the canister vac on my head.

Got it all cleaned off, too.  I even found two gray hairs that had hid down sideways, which I used my nose-hair clipping scissors to trim. 

Showed them!'s time for this!

I thought about driving the 7 miles to Independence Stadium to look at it in person, but it's too cold, and it's on ESPN2 in my warm living room.

Y'all have a good evening, and GO AIR FORCE!


  1. Andy, my wife cuts my hair as well. She has learned to give me a great traditional haircut. Gotta say the learning curve led to a lot of hat wearing!

  2. Keep that Oreck away from your ears. I've heard bad things about brains and vacuums. Just sayin'.

  3. My grandbaby sucked her hair up in a dust-buster - not a good idea. I wish I could spell out her way of talking and telling her story, 'cuz it is pretty funny.


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