Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas Eve, and we're playing "Musical Cars."


So, I have to go in to work this afternoon on Christmas Eve, while the rest of the fambly goes out to Mom & Dad's for the family Christmas celebration.  It's cool, though...I doubt I'll be missed in the massive crowd.

So, we gotta do some car swapping around, and the best option was for me to take #3 son's new (used) car to work, and then swap back later on.

It's a Mazda Miata.  But, it's got the hard-top on now, because it's cold and rainy and all.

  So, it went like this:

#3 son:  (with a dookie-eatin' grin)  "Reckon you know how to drive it?

Me:  Does it have a steering wheel?

#3 son:  Yep!  And, three pedals on the floor.  You ever driven a car like that?

Me:  Nope, but I've seen it did.  Hey, you got insurance on it?

#3 son:  Nope!

I am 5' 9", 135 pounds, and fairly nimble for a man my age.  So, I did not even consider a problem getting in the thing.  I ran up to the store a minute ago, and I'm pretty sure I broke my left leg trying to wedge my scrawny frame in that sardine can.

I reckon I'll limp around on it at work tonight.  We gots wheelchairs at the hospital, too.

Merry Christmas Eve to y'all!  Got lots to tell y'all the whole visit from #1 son fell apart (as expected), and how it is a very, very good thing that it did.

I'll get to it after Christmas.  Y'all have a good one!  I love y'all!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Hmmm, you don't have to have car insurance in Louisiana?

  2. That's like Buck's Green Hornet. I don't know that I could ever drive a car that small. I'm a terminal truck guy.

    Hope the leg heals soon. ;)

  3. I like Miatas, with the 3 pedals on the floor, but all the kids of Uni age look at us elderly folks with these and think, "I hope I can afford a vette when I have my mid life crisis".

    still it's a fun car to drive once the callous builds up on your elbow. and you don't need insurance if you're not going to crash, I researched this when I was 16 and nothing happened AT ALL.

    Sorry to hear about son #1 not completing the Christmas circle, although if it's for the best, then what can be said?
    All the best for your Christmas Andy y Pam, try not to eat ALL the pumpkin pie Andy, and that next year the wind is at our backs...

  4. A young man in a Miata was circling the walmart parking lot, looking for that elusive parking lot close to the store when he saw a handicap spot open up and decided he was just gonna run in and run out with his purchase. It was facing the wrong direction and he saw a little old lady in a big ole cadilac slowly inching her way toward the spot. He gunned it, spun it sideways and screached into the spot just ahead of the little old lady. He didn't even open the door, he just hopped out of the convertible, hitched up his pants and said to the little old lady in the big cadilac. "That's what you can do when you are young and fast." and proceeded to the store. As he reached the store, he heard a loud screaching and crunching sound. He turned around to see the little old lady in the big old cadilac inching up and onto the top to the little Miata. She slowly got out of the car, grabbed her cane and slowly made her way to the store. As she reached the young man she said, "Thats what you can do when you are old and rich." Merry Christmas Andy, sounds like yall are gonna have a wonderful time.

  5. I thought all cars had three pedals - at least they do around my house.

  6. Anon: Thank you, sir! Yes, you do indeed are required to have insurance in Louisiana. That does not mean that folks comply, but there are stiff penalties, which are usually ignored by the offenders. I was just jerkin' his chain.

    BR: It is indeed like TGH. In fact, when he bought it I sent Buck an e-mail titled: "Have we found TGH's older brother?" Too little for me, too.

    Paul: Nyuk! I can always count on you to come through...and I'm iz not disapurnted...

    Marc: Thank you also for the kind wishes. It's all good, and getting better. Merry Christmas to you, and yours...and Calgarians in general.

    Darrell: Nyuk! I could actually see my dear departed Grandmother doing just that with her boat of a 1978 Lincoln Continental. In fact, she was well-known for teaching parking lot etiquette with her land yacht.

    Lou: There are actually cars with only two pedals. And, power steering, too. And, they've even got three pedal cars now without a column shift. Some of 'em even have more than 3 gears. You oughta' look in to that.

  7. I'm sorry Dean didn't make it home, Andy. But I'm glad it all worked out.

    re: Miatas. Well, you only have one inch in height on me and TGH fits me quite well; she has done so for over ten years now. I do have six-foot friends who REFUSE to ride with me, so I'll give ya that.

    One of the virtues of owning a Miata for as long as I have is that it's VERY damned hard to tell me a joke about one I haven't heard already. But that's OK... all y'all can laugh if'n ya want. But those of us who know, KNOW. And the enthusiast rags know, too. The Miata has made C&D's 10 Best list five out of ten years this decade.

  8. Sorry Andy, but I'm with BR on this one. Only owned 2 cars in my life, pretty much a terminal truck gal. And other than strapping the bales to the roof, how the heck do you haul hay?
    I know you'll spill on #1 son at a later date but I'm sorry he didn't get too enjoy the holidays with you.

  9. Hi Andy! Merry Christmas to everyone at Casa de Andy! We're starting to get some of your rain here. On the Mee-ah-toe, my sister has one. And my 75 1/2 inch 250 lb frame just don't fit in it. I'm more of a Dodge Ram guy. Drive my little Toyota truck to work and save the Ram for special occasions. My sis bought that meeahtoe for her midlife crisis. I just don't like Mazada every since I test drove one and the outside mirror fell off when I shut the door and it wouldn't start.
    See you later! Quack Quack!!


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