Friday, December 10, 2010

To steal a blog post title..."Drive by blogging!"

Working like a dog.

Finally over the crud.

Business good.

Family getting better, but MUCH crud to wade through yet.

Plumbing trouble at Andy's Place this morning.  But, not as bad as this.  (Sure, it's just a blog whore link to an old post, but I got nothin' else.)

Y'all have a good one.  I hope to get some time to tell y'all some details of what we've been through for the last 3 weeks around here.  I'm gonna try to this weekend.  And, I hope to get some time to make the rounds and read whazzup with y'all, too.

I love y'all.  I mean it.


  1. Plumbing trouble at Andy's Place this morning..
    Ok, I've been in some pretty nasty places when I was on the tools, but none that are as nasty as what you were in!
    Sorry, but I really had to laugh when I read it and to add insult to injury Mrs. Andy was taking pictures!

  2. Hang in there, Andy. Workin' like a dog is better'n scroungin' in dumpsters like one.

  3. Oh my. That was a cruddy plumbing problem indeed!

  4. That post you linked to made me shudder, given how much I hate crawling around in crawlspaces. Oh, the unspeakable horrors that lurk beneath the floorboards of your comfy and familiar house. Stephen King could write volumes on this.

  5. That old plumbing problem was a doosie. Here's hoping this one was a lot easier to handle. In case your plumber only speaks Latin, the latin for your plumbing issues would probably be "pipus brokus" or "pipus stoppus uppus." Just trying to help.

  6. Well, this plumbing problem wasn't nearly as cruddy as the one last January...which is STILL only patched.

    Dan, my plumber doesn't speak Latin. I barely speak English.


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