Thursday, December 30, 2010

Unexpected Christmas Gift...


So, there's this little girl that works at the Cafeteria at the Hospital.  She's a sweet young lady, and always so cheerful.  Yesterday she said, "Mr. Andy, I didn't see you on Christmas, and I've been off until today, but I got you a Christmas gift."

Wow, did I feel like a schlub! (Because I didn't get her nothing). 

I never expected anybody at work to get me anything, and I told her that I was really touched that she'd think of me at Christmas.  She said, "Well, it's been really cold, and I got worried about you when you have to go outside.  You're so skinny, and with your bald head and all I figured you must be freezing, so I got you something." 

That was sweet.

So, you're asking, "What did she get you, Andy?"

This here...

A brand new black stocking hat.  It's from J.C. Penneys, too.  I can tell because of the brand (it still had the tag on it and everything).

I was touched.  Seriously.

And I look good in it, too.

I'm gonna have to do something nice for her.  That was sweet.

Thanks, kiddo...


  1. Wow! She went all out at the JC P, and all for you. What a lucky guy. ;)

  2. What a nice thing for her to do. On those cold mornings when it's below freezing those things feel good too!

  3. Heh, that's the sort of hat I wear every day to keep my bald head warm. My wife and daughter bought me a pair of berets because they got tired of my stocking hats and doo-rags.

  4. I LOVED watch caps back in the day, read as: when I lived in places where they were needed.

    And, yeah... that was sweet of the young lady to buy ya the hat, Mr. Andy. (heh) (snerk) (Mama was a Jawja gal, so I KNOW what THAT means)

  5. I am not dissing the gift, but it appears to be a couple of sizes too big. Do you have a shrunken head or something? I thought those all came in the size size?

    The Canadians call that a toque, so I do too.

    (Sweet girl, you should have gotten here something, Mr. Selfish.)

  6. Nyuk! Yeah, every young adult up there (30 and under) calls me "Mr. Andy."

    Cosmic, I just MUST see a picture of you in a doo-rag. I MUST!

  7. Yeah TD, it says "one size fits all." I've never been accused of having a peanut head, though.

    I'm figuring that there are some monster skulls out there that this thing would fit.

    We're lookin' at you, Jim...

    And yeah, I've gotta do sumpin' nice for that kid.

  8. Dang Andy, after I restrained myself from making a remark like 'don't know how Mrs. Andy will let you out of the house looking that sexy . . . '

  9. Andy,
    That was a nice gift. Here in TN. and GA. they call them "Tobaggons"!
    Beats me where that term came from!
    It looks good on you too. I'm sure being the fine southern gentleman you are, you will reciprocate with an appropiate gift.

  10. Very thoughtful of her.

    "I never been accused of having a peanut head..."

    but,Andy, they're not called peanut caps,they're called "beanie" caps,

  11. whoa, your new toque covers *most* of your bald spot.

    I only wear mine from November to March 1.


    #5 ?


    #5 ?

  14. Are you sure that thing ain't a balaclava? Pull it down a little farther and check for eye holes. If it's got eye holes it could be the young lady is trying to you something. Just sayin'...

  15. Andy, you do NOT want to know what Marc is saying that you have on your melon.

    Canadians must be hung like Godzilla.

  16. Y'all just KILL ME! Really!

    Okay, so I look like a goober in it, and I know. But, she's a sweet girl, so I MUST wear it, or she'll have her feelings hurt.

    Dadman, there are no eye holes, but it is HUGE! HUGE, I tell ya'! And, I'd probably look much better in it if I went ahead on and pulled it down over my face...kinda like I'm ready to rob a liquor store or something.

    Marc, as always, thank you for the edumucation.

    TD: Sigh...

    Nancy: It is more than great to hear from you. I'm sure that NOBODY in Flarda wears one of these unless they're robbing a liquor store.

    Scooney: I almost called it a toboggan, but that sounded kinda homo. Just sayin'...

    Jim: I just COULD NOT resist. I'm iz sorry, too. Really, I am. Hey, lookit, I'm gonna make it up to you. I forgot to bring you this really great crimmus gift I "bought" just especially for you. You're gonna love it! Trust me...

  17. We call them toboggans, also - to be confused with the sled. Or maybe we sled on our heads.

  18. Andy,
    I have a confession to make. I saw the picture, then I saw this sentence underneath the picture "And I look good in it, too," then I laughed out loud. Please forgive me. In my opinion there is only one consideration when wearing a hat in cold weather: does it keep you warm? (And thanks for the laugh).

  19. Lou, I can't think of anything funny to say. I know there's a good one-liner in there, but I'm empty.

    Bob, don't sweat it. When I looked at myself in the mirror wearing that thing, I laughed out loud big time. Of course, nothing is gonna make me look good, but I don't really like piling on! But, I'll wear it anyhow, because I lost all pretentiousness a good while back.

    You know the old saying, "An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure."

  20. Mr. Andy: (since I am under 30 I must address you properly).....thanks for the laugh! Dale and I giggled ourselves silly....really....until we had tears running down our faces! Love the're do look good in it! Snicker....snicker!

  21. Dr. Jill, I am more than gigglefied that you and Dale got a chuckle.

    Really, I am. Happy New Year to you both, and to all your clan! Wow, did TN & my boy Dooley get screwed, or what?

    Seriously, I appreciate y'all both more than I can tell you.

    And, if y'all giggled yourselves silly over that, then I'm sure y'all are drankin', and are good citizens for staying at home.


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