Sunday, March 13, 2011

Before you head for the BOMB shelter...


I've been reading Dr. Buzzo's work for a good long while.  He is keeping a sharp eye on the impending holocaust in Japan, that's likely to envelop the world.  Go look at his recent posts.


  1. Good link, Andy. I think he's right. The anti-science, anti-nuke crowd will ride this horse into the ground. We should resist their hysteria every chance we get.

  2. So I was watching CNN early this morning and the Talking Heads had a nuclear power engineer on who REALLY knew his shit and who unemotionally and factually dismantled all the rampant hysteria, in spite of the uninformed "but... buts!" of said Talking Heads. The segment concluded and it was back to the "IS Nuclear Armageddon Upon Us?" bullshit. There are none so blind as those who REFUSE to see...

    One can be forgiven for adopting a "We're SO F**ked" attitude, given the hyper-partisan nature of our "news."

  3. Glad y'all enjoyed the read. Dr. Buzzo is always interesting.


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